Sometimes I feel that almost everybody hides something. I was left asking myself the a similar question. Am I hiding something?

Not really.

What should I hide from others? Everybody laughs, everybody cries, everybody rants and raves once in awhile. So what is so different about me? I am not hiding anything. For me, what you see is what you get. I say a lot, but I know how to shut up once in awhile. I talk much, I share much, but as long as I don't give you promises that I can't keep, I do not hurt anyone. I can only expect much from myself and not from anyone.. that is why I do not assume nor do I expect much.

I have friends, but not too many of them, though. I prefer to have them in good quality not in huge quantity. I keep everyone close. I love everyone. I think by far, this is the best I can give. I keep too much passion and sweetness in my personality. I just have to learn how to spill it out so that everyone may be touched by this passion. I give fair justice to everyone and make them feel important because they truly are. I don't want them to miss the point of me loving them because I may be busier next time and I may not be able to show how much I care.

I do know how to love. I do know how to care. I do not forget people and what they ask of me no matter how tired or negative I am at times. What they feel about life must not be tampered with by what I feel about life. I respect them and their feelings. What they can't do now does not mean they never wanted to do it. What they can't say now does not mean they never wanted to say it in the first place. Oh, how I put others in the pedestal! I just love too much, I forget myself.

Sometimes I allow myself to be so close to them, that it hurts so much. Please give me a chance to feel that in this world, I am not the only one who doesn't lie. Give me the space to be an ideal girl who feels so she can give much goodness and can take in as much goodness from the world too.

The language of truth is simple. Please, don't lie. Please, don't cheat. If you feel something, then surrender to the feeling, and admit defeat. You let out a word, stand up to it. Keep faith in everything you believe in. Don't be swayed by other trivial things. Take on a path, but understand that one thing leads to another. Keep hold of the truth. It will be the best thing you'll have until the end.

Next time we speak, I shall tell you, "Don't forget, don't over complicate things.. the language of truth is simple".