The greatest news you'll ever hear from your Doctor: "You have stellar health!"

I treasure this day because I know that it's very rare to hear those words from a doctor.

TLDR: I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in the second quarter of the year. I was given different kinds of medications for the symptoms and the disease. Two days ago was my second blood test after several medications.

Today, I went to the clinic to have my results read. However, since I also know how to read them, I was able to deduce that my health was good because of the figures in the certificate.

The attendants were quick to pull out my record before I can come to the station for quick stats (BP/weight). Something you can't be proud of (read: they know you by face because you're always there weekly). My BP was normal (read: thank you, yoga!)

Read the funny conversation with my doctor when it was finally my turn:

Doc: ano ate? kamusta ka na? (how are you now?)

Me: mabuti naman Doc smiling (I'm well, Doc)

Doc: asan na results mo? maganda ba? (where are your blood test results? are they any good?)

Me: yes Doc! ..I think!

Doc: examines the blood test result Aba sumobra ata healthy mo ah (You're good health standing is stellar!)

Doc: ang baba ng blood sugar mo! ano ba kinakain mo? (your blood sugar is low! what are you eating?)

Doc: kumain ka nga ng ice cream, at chocolate o donut! (you need to eat ice cream, chocolate or donut!)

Me: laughs hindi ako mahilig sa sweets Doc (I'm not fond of sweets, Doc!)

Doc: sumobra ata ang healthiness mo! grins (you have exceeded good health standards)

Me: mahirap maging healthy Doc! (It's difficult to stay healthy Doc!)

Doc: sa ngayon, healthy-ing healthy ka. perfectly normal. in love lang siguro! (at the moment, you are very healthy. perfectly normal. maybe just in love!)

Doc: dahil nagkaka headache ka na sa mga gamot mo, we will try to remove them for two weeks (because you're already getting headaches from your medication, we will try to remove them for two weeks)

Doc: monitor your stats in two weeks time. if everything is good, call me and let me know. otherwise, see you again in two weeks' time

Me: yes Doc! Thank you! Yehey!

I treasure this day so much <3

PS: If you have any questions on how I did it, I would be more than happy to help. Maybe my little tips would be a big step for your better health.

Maybe I'm gonna grab some fries today

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