I was once curious about this game. I installed it on several of my devices (both Android and iOS). During the first few times of gameplay, I really liked the simplicity of it and the rewards were easy to reap.

However, over time, the Ninja responds to getting pushed, pulled and even thrown away. Although the Ninja looked cute and un-hurt everytime, I didn't like the idea of seeing/laughing at somebody falling or stumbling or getting stuck.

But that's me..

To my horror, my nephew comes over for a vacation and I see him playing with this on his gadget. I would hear him laughing alone and when I look, he's playing with the Clumsy Ninja and would even show me that when he hits him, the Ninja would do something funny.

Feels fine? No. Here's when you see how it impacted him..

We were watching a movie one night. It was a real action movie (because mornings are for Nick Jr cartoons only). I briefly caught some time on my phone and I was suddenly surprised to hear him laughing so I looked. There was a guy getting beaten up by some gang and he was pushed over several times, kept falling and was getting hurt..

I was so shocked to see his reaction was to laugh! I called his attention at once and asked what seems to be funny there. He said because he kept falling repeatedly and was getting punched in the face! :o Where did empathy go??

So, here, I'm calling out to the developers of the game NaturalMotionGames Ltd. My long shot is to ask you to take it down. Short term request: maybe don't act upon throwing the Ninja around. It looks funny but it develops a whole different level of attitude on kids. And here you have it marked at good for 3+ ages on Google Play.

Please.. rethink how the game responds to different actions. Do you want to have kids grow up to teenagers who would laugh when someone gets mugged or bullied in the streets??

Image source: https://forum.dontpayfull.com/attachments/descargar-clumsy-ninja-para-android-jpg.2445/