I'm a late adopter of Netflix. When all the fuss about this started, I was still into watching movies at the cinema. My partner is a fan of buying DVDs but since I hate clutter, I would prefer buying movies from Google.

When I've switched to Apple, most of my gadgets lived within that ecosystem and I've learned to embrace it--honestly it's more of a love-hate relationship! I'd love the modularity of Apple, but it's also the cause for rise in expenses.

Anyhow, I tried Netflix and shared it with my family so I had multiple devices able to access the subscription. We're truly enjoying it, and I myself is a fan of Nightly Netflix binge watching.

I'm guilty of picking Korean TV series and sit down to finish as much as I can in one go!

Today, I wanted to write about how emotional it made me, while watching Mr. Sunshine. I love it because it excites you emotionally, having a love story in the old times of Korea, and a very intense and intricate story of how people can be connected and how varying idealism can get.

I'm watching the second to the last episode, and I'm left with a wondering thought. Why were the Japanese as they were? Coming from a Filipino root whose history included a Death March was also brought about by Japanese. I can't help but cry. Sometimes I think, the gun may be mightier than honor and dignity. What could a woman of noble ranking have done at that time?

It feels like I'm watching an old horror, but in truth, even in current times, no matter how honorable and dignified you conduct yourself at all times, oppressors do come. If you have never learned to survive without learning to fight, or even to embrace violence to some degree, you have only diminished yourself.

Even women should know how to fight.

I'm excited to see the last episode, but I shall save it for another time. I've already moved myself emotionally today.