Let's see. What has been 2013 for me like.

January, as always was quite busy for me, preparing plans for the whole year, and cleaning up the past year's loose ends.

February is eventful because my sister celebrated another happy birthday. We also ran the Condura Skyway Marathon where my mama won a recognition for one of the top finishers of her age group. Talk about fit buff?!

I was also lucky to have witnessed a dragon dance in MOA while having my hair done at a salon! Later that month too, we watched Mikey Bustos' Surviving Manila Concert. I really enjoyed it!

March, for some reason, I organized the last happy photo I had with my so-called officemates (not anymore, thank God). Good thing, watching the 4th International Pyromusical Competition was a sight steal! :)

April was quite hectic. Paper works and meetings to set dates and arrangements for my move in to my new place. Dinner date with my family at Krazy Garlic to celebrate my cat's 13th birthday was a hallmark.

May, is the loveliest month for me, next to June. I saw two car show events in MOA. This is also the month I bought my HTC One; my mama and sister also got their new, shiny HTC One SV. And, in the peak of full moon of the month, I spent my first night in my new home. Thank you God. The family now love staying here to party, play and swim!

June, I was out buying appliances and transforming my house to my new home. First of June, we went to Bataan to join Security Bank's outing. Second of June, I visited my Lola in Pangasinan. Week later, we celebrated my boyfriend's birthday. Last time I will see Bohol still intact and unruffled by the recent earthquake. And the last hallmark was another sister's birthday mid that month.

July and August were dark days. I was betrayed, ganged up on, publicly embarrassed at a busy coffee shop, blamed for other people's incompetence and shortcomings, threatened by the same people financially, and even cyber bullied. If there is any hallmark here, it is the gratefulness to be torn away from these people. To be given the chance to divert my love, attention and sacrifices to the people that matter. Again, thank you God. I was victimized, only to be given chance to be redeemed.

But wait, there's more! For some unknown hand of divinity, I was urged to learn swimming, and truly, I learned it! I'm still quite afraid of drowning, but I just keep trying, keeping my sight to the beautiful pools I could just see from my window.  Keep swimming.  Literally and figuratively!

September, my NASA of my dreams arrived. In case you don't know me personally, I wanted to work for NASA. Either as an astronaut or a scientist. NASA is in the most glorified seat of my ambition. So, there's these group of people I really wanted to work with. They were not just any company, but they worked like a small family.. With a warm big heart.

When I heard from my now boss that he was hiring me, I couldn't hide my joy! I was very happy I treated the family to HEAT Restaurant buffet dinner at Shangri-La. It was a celebration of the coming grace from God, a new wind of change coming to my life.

What really happened was, when I was then ready to take another job with some people I already know and love working with, when I was made to choose. This broke my heart because the timing was really bad. However, we are humans, not trees. I need to grab what my heart desires. So, I left one behind for another.

I met several people and other companies who were very excited to hire me. I went to several events and met new people. What a liberating feeling to be out there and talking to people who share the same interests! No more stressful environment!  It was also this month that my sister managed to move to her new place.  A happier story!

October, I won an online contest from Fox Philippines and got a t-shirt and a trip to their very creative (though orange-themed. Yuck!) Some more car shows, and was privileged to become invited as a judge to the first ever Caritakathon by PWDO.  Surprisingly, after four months from the tragic event of my life, I was again bullied by people who were spreading rumors against me with (only 'reason to believe' as their basis).  Amusing to think what they believe they could gain from it!

November, was quite a reunion with my relatives when we visited our Lolo in the Libingan ng mga Bayani. It was very happy and nostalgic.

December, is another pillar of my year. I was again cyber bullied (worse than the last one). Maybe they think that by pushing me repeatedly against the wall, I would come out and do something against them. I WON'T. I'm better than all of the things they to do me.  I'm not stooping down to their lowly level!

Mid month, I bought my first gaming console, Xbox 360, and now I'm playing my lazy but workaholic ass off with Kinect games and relieving my itch to do target shooting by playing hours and hours of my now favorite game, Halo!!! The family had so much fun playing Dance Central and Fruit Ninja!!! My boyfriend took me to see Manaoag and it was a very blessed experience.  Few days ago, we watched Pagpag. It was really good feeling of family bonding. Today, I had surprised my mom with her favorite Shakeys pizza!!!


I was thankful to have met an expat who, everyone thought was the biggest brat ever, but turns out, he really was a smart one! (I just knew I had the eye for picking out good people for hiring)  You know who you are.  You helped me in multitudes of ways you can't possibly know.  We need to meet to discuss a new idea brewing up! ;)

Fate forcibly moved me out of a comfort zone.  To see what needs to be seen; to fill in the gap inside me and to be with those who really love me.  I thank you Sabs, Tin, Anna, Donna and other friends who supported me through the dark times.  They leveled with my understanding of good and bad and how oppressed I was.  They were, actually, at some point more angry than I really was! (or were they??)  It is during these times that I understood that the law mostly protects only those people who have something to hide, who is more guilty.  It's really sad.  However, I know, deep in my heart, though they have joys on having executed ill plans against me, their joy is only temporary.  Mine is eternal.  :)

I have survived the separation from a father, the loss of a fiance, and the loss of trust over some few good people that I thought were real friends.  I can survive anything that God leads me to.  This is faith.  No amount of horoscope forecast would tell you what your year would be like.  No lucky color, no lucky number.  It is a cycle.  Just think of it as an endless journey of ups and downs.

Finally, I see that, you just have to live with being human.  You hurt, you cry.  You rejoice, you exclaim.  You never keep it to yourself because you were created amidst several others.  With everything you experience, put God in it.  There is always deliverance.

At this point, I am not a hypocrite to say I have granted forgiveness.  My remorse is sky high, and from my perspective? I don't even need to grant them any amount of forgiveness after being repeatedly bashed, bullied and victimized.  I will just keep swimming.

So, 2013, let's break up.  It's not you.  It's me.  ;)