My mornings start with the urge to sleep.  (Isn't it ironic??)

I had to get there first!  I have to be there before they arrive!  It was 07:10 and the meeting time is 07:30, and I haven't left yet! Of course, you knew the next thing I did, was take the cab. (though from my place to UP is such a quick travel)

There were seven of us going to the UP Youth For IT Congress and our meeting place is at the Vinzons Hall, since most of them are not familiar with the UP Diliman Campus.  It was the first time we went out to attend a seminar/training/congress.  I was enjoying it though it was really quite hot outside and we were running out of seats.  Since we were interested with topics that'll start by 11AM, we went to CASAA to grab some substantial breakfast.  When we got back, instead of being seated in the UP Theatre, we were then assisted to be seated in the Film Institute.  Finally we were comfortable with our seats.  We had the AM snacks, then lunch at Chocolate Kiss.

After having lunch, there were two more speakers whose talks we heard until we realised that they were no longer conforming to the topics we wanted to hear.  So, we verified the modules listed and found out that the modules were different than the ones in the UP Theatre itself.  Such a waste of time!  And so, at 15:30, we moved into UP Theatre.  Of course, I had to make a complaint so that my concern will be taken into consideration for the benefit of others too.  They have to know the incompetence of some of their staff that caused us a lot of inconvenience!  Time is of importance to me, and I don't like it wasted.

Of course, I just don't let simple things like that wreck my whole day. 😉 I was laughing again in no time!  It was really a not so good day just like yesterday, but at least things seem to get better everyday.  But then, again.. no.  Haha..  Why do I always get this feeling, I'm a jinx magnate??  My seat was pretty much suffering from an "isolated rainshower" coming from a leak in the aircon just overhead.  Goodness! ..but then again, that won't wreck my day..  after all, there is only one thing that can make or break my day; and that is.. (of course, I'm not going to tell you!😄)

All the while, the only thing in my mind is my violin.  Maybe so, this is what keeps me going the whole day.  I have always been looking forward to playing my violin again.  My appointment was at 19:00 and it was only 17:58.  So, I took the few minutes to pass by my house and drop off my luggages and refresh before my appointment.  At the music room, I can no longer put my feelings into words.  It seems like everything of tiredness, pain and all negativities vanish when I hold my violin.  Though I am not a good musician yet, I love music.  The violin's music soothes my soul.

As I stare into the violin of my teacher, I can see that its age depicts happiness and satisfaction.  This too, I will achieve, and that I promise myself.