I was working the whole day of my sunday, as usual.. and my sister switched the channel to HBO.  Up to this hour, I have watched two movies in a row.  This is the third movie and it was 50 First Dates.

This is my first tme to watch this movie and I am really enjoying it, as though I dont want it to finish.  And, even before it does I would have it rewinded for a second play. Sigh... I'm having a headache but the movie is keeping my mood light and happy.. really.  =) How come I've never watched this movie before??

This is becoming cheesy every second. =) Is it because I could have well understood the movie now? and not at any other time earlier? =)

Adam Sandler's character is the sweetest thing I've ever seen, but definitely not the last sweet thing I could possibly know.   I swear, I promise. =)

I just want to say, it made me cry happy tears.  No girl could ever wish for something more than that. =)