As early as elementary days, we are taught to dream.. to aspire. Like having an ambition is something great, something to look forward to; wherein, the absence of which is void, death.

And why not? If you don't look ahead, where do you go to? But what if you aspire to NOT BE something.. to NOT BE someone.. And that life is what you'll take it as long as you're not going to end up like your TO NOT BE

Do you relate to this thought? I think that as long as you're doing what you think is right, and that you aren't harming another being, where you end up (while doing the the things that make you happy) is where you really ought to be.

However, what if you find yourself seemingly uprooted from your chosen path (of happiness)? There is a street smart advice that: 'you should move if you're not happy because you are not a tree'. I strongly agree. The lack of happiness might not be sadness, it might actually be death. The loss of spark of passion is just the same thing as dying. If you "die", how do you come back?

I just watched a depressing movie just now and I have thought about all this. I think I saw the kind of woman I NEVER wanted to be. Many would still insist that society calls for marriage for every "happy" couple, and eventually a kid for every married couple. I almost went down that road, but that's not me. I was sad to see this movie and what actually happened to that woman.


While the setting is kind of retro, I still believe that kind of situation is happening to women of modern society. Hurts, really. Where does a woman with dreams of being alive go to? How does a woman like that pretend to be happy inside a box?

I can't. Just can't.