Here I am, looking for some form of inspiration.

To be frank, the early onset of the year of Fire Monkey has got me some ruffled feathers. Sickness, emotional disturbances, and other unexpected mishaps have barraged my peace. It is quite difficult but I have lowered my standards a bit to lessen, if not totally avoid much ruckus to my peace of mind.

Last night, I was able to tune in to Oscar’s Awards via HBO and heard the awards that The Bridge of Spies garnered and it got me intrigued. I never really like watching drama because.. heck, life in itself is one big drama already! Subjecting myself to more pain and tears is the last thing I’d prefer.

But, here I am. Writing again because my humanity is moved by this movie. To fight for someone who doesn’t necessarily contribute to your beliefs? To embrace the opposite of what you understand to be true and correct? To go out of your way to help someone while helping the greater good of a mass of people? How often can anyone do that? How does someone so common be able to do great things?

Maybe.. just maybe, being the "standing man”!  Life beats you up? Stand back again! Stand by your beliefs even if no one will believe you.  Stand by your thoughts because you have the right to have great thoughts and stick to them (until they materialise).  Stand by the people that matter to you, and the rest will fall into the right places.. in time.

And yes, tears were shed.