One day, the three super heroes decided to take a break from their super hero life..

They went to UP LB Campus for a stroll. They walked down the path of danger and ventured into the unknown. Laughing and gay, they passed by a funny statue of a big animal that flies, but really can't.. that's why its held up by a stump. :P

They walked on towards another funny thing which was an arch made by whoever in the year 1926. Walking further, they saw a pretty preppy bridge, and were astounded by the nature and the gushing of the narrow body of water about 10 feet below.

Soon, a group of noisy people came running down an upward road. The three super heroes decided to walk up the challenging road. They came across an abandoned building. As super heroes, they were, of course very optimistic, and thought that the building was to be a super hide out with lots of advanced gadgets and technical stuff inside. They dreamt of it as the highest technological discovery to be discovered.. it was to be a palace amidst the jungle. You would literally walk with bolos to get to this most appealing place.

Later still, they discovered the native houses up this challenging road. Seeing the houses brought them mixed feelings of arousal and a wanting.. for simple lifestyle. They stopped by a small hut for rest, while they still scavenge the last bit of naughty ideas they had in mind.

This time, they have been walking around for about an hour already. Still full of super powers and everything, they walk further to the oval of the campus. Here, they found another group of super heroes. They learned too, that these super heroes are called–'The UP Police'.

If you need help, contact them at: 09195120086

"Super heroes here are far better than us", they said.

Yes, these three are unstoppable. They took sight of the Holy Cross far across the plains. It was a pleasing sight within the mountains. They all agree.. we should keep walking.

And on, the three walked, trying hard to avoid rescues and enjoy the super hero vacation that they were having. After all, nobody needed help.

An hour and a half had passed, but still, they walked joyously to the unknown. Super heroes don't get lost–yes. Yes? This is it! This is really is it!!! (And you thought super heroes don't get lost!)

"Are we lost?", the three said puzzlingly to each other. And yes, they were. But, as super heroes, they kept on walking… until, MoinMoin stopped with big eyes, and open jaws.

"The cross!", MoinMoin exclaimed. Why could the cross be there? Are we already beyond the plains, and has reached the mountains where the cross stood? Hmmm… And then, it was the unexpected. MoinMoin lost all control of herself and kept rolling on the grass, couldn't stop laughing while Symfony and Pilix Bakat stood around watching for enemies.

The three then set off to walk further, and they saw a church. It was the church of St. Therese of the Child Jesus. As true models of religion, the three super heroes went in and prayed. They prayed hard that they might find their way back home. Yes, super heroes must not get lost, otherwise, nobody can get home.

True to GOD's words, the three set forth to the right direction. Amen! They found the map of UP LB. They also found a lot of stores where they can buy drinks (of course, they were not hungry nor thirsty because they are heroes). Moving on, they saw ATM machines. MoinMoin needed cash (for whatever reason a super hero would need money..). But since this was a super hero's vacation, the ATM machine did not allow her to withdraw cash.

It was time for them to keep walking. For two hours now, the three super heroes walked endlessly. Squandering for the slightest glimpse of hope. Pilix Bakat was now losing his powers when he saw a couple holding hands and looking so much in love with each other. It was Pilix's weakness. As good friends, Symfony and MoinMoin also walked holding each others hands, trying hard to look so much in love with each other. It almost killed Pilix. :D

The three found the exit easily. They stopped over at a store called McDonalds to brag to the non-super heroes that they are just fine, and not needing anything. They bought nuggets and burgers, only to find out that these foods disappear immediately upon payment. Not noticing that they already ate it. :D

Finally, they came across the path to their home. Reaching the way up to their dorm, the three met a cat. The cat was in a hurry but left the three a warning meow. Pilix was over confident that nothing was to destroy their super hero vacation.

A minute more, there was a howl from a stray dog. It lasted for three to five howls that came from different directions. Symfony and MoinMoin was scared, and was near to take flight in the air to escape the frightening how of the mysterious dog. Pilix too was scared. In fact, he was the most scared one from the three. As the two almost took off, Symfony was unable to fly because Pilix grabbed her arms before she could take off. Few minutes later, the howling stopped. Then was the only time Pilix was again boastful to walk alone and ahead of the group.

Now, Pilix was too scared, he wanted to poop, but Symfony and MoinMoin said we could wait a little longer. The three walked towards the dark and creepy dungeon of the MIS. Here, they again experience another scary adventure….

Watch out for the next adventure of the three super duper heroes.. Stay tuned next week for the juicy triumphs of the three..

horror mode
..te ne nen.. te ne nen ten ten..

To be continued…