Yester day was a special day for me and my honey. We've just celebrated another month of a happy and fulfilling relationship. We decided to go out on a movie date out that night after work. Since we watched Drag me to Hell a weekend earlier, he wanted us to watch something funny.

I'm also a fan of comedic movies. After all, I like Robin Williams, Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell and even Ben Stiller himself! Back at the time of 1995, I really fell in love with a wonderful adventure movie entitled "Jumanji". I remember waiting all day beside the radio to join contests just to win an original copy of "Jumanji". Til now, I don't have my own copy yet (I just keep forgetting whenever I'm out to buy DVDs at the mall). I really like adventure movies that are usually feel good movies that have a soft, yet morally touching endings. The almost similar theme of Zathura (2005) was also good. I remember that beautiful twist about loving your own brother.. it was a good one.

These adventure/comedy/feel-good movies are really one of the lightest, easiest movies to watch. It always kind of makes their audience feel better in the end. National Treasure, Tomb Raider, and even the Journey to the Center of the Earth were all beautiful adventure movies. The only difference between Jumanji/Zathura and National Treasure/Journey kind of adventure movies is that the former doesn't involve too much travelling. Its just like this movie: The night of the museum.

The first Night of the Museum movie was very enjoyable in the fact that it was something very different.  Museums seem to be quite boring for people not really inclined with so much of History.  When you do get to watch this movie, you'll see a different experience and outlook about Museums. Personally, I don't seem to remember much about History since it doesn't really capture my interest.  What I do love about this movie is that you'll get to see how they were able to touch some hallmarks of World History and famous personalities while they bring them into the modern life.

My favorite character in the movie is KahmunrahHank Azaria portrayed Kahmunrah and was also the voice of The Thinker and Lincoln.  He made a really funny characterization of a fictional evil Eyptian Pharaoh.  He has this funny accent that reminds me of Sylvester the cat in Looney tunes.  He pronounes every "s" with a "th" sound and acts like a ten-year old kid when in conflict.

The other thing that amuses me was the cute red bouncing dog (one of Jeff Koons' inflatable artworks, see: Jeff Koons @ Artsy).  I really loved the irony of how this balloon dog was bouncing around while Larry Daley and Amelia Earheart was in this great conflict.

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A lot of different reviews came out for this movie.  Mostly it had a very low score of something less than 50% of the community's approval.  Some say its slapstick remarks were not fit for kids and that the set was a whole mania, etc.  I say its still best watched with a light heart.  I was sold out that the movie was indeed funny and really good.  I found it refreshing and quite amusing enough to keep on reminiscing their funny lines and comments.  Most especially, I love watching good movies with my honey.

If you haven't watched this yet, you better do it now!  If you're stressed or just burned out, try this watching this movie.  I'm sure nothing will be funnier than seeing men in black and white mingle with those characters in full color!  You wouldn't believe things that were part of the story really came to be.  :)