Where would I be without friends.  My friends would've always misunderstood me, but I do appreciate the time and effort that they would give just to see me happy.  I'd like to count my blessings this way. 

Sadness shrouds me from all sides and directions.  Loneliness bites the most out of me–but my friends are there.  I am strong for you, even if I cannot be all strong for myself.  Just thinking that you guys are there and hurting each time I hurt or fall, makes me want to get up and move on.  I will bank on those friends who watch me from afar but encourages me like they are just beside me all the time.

My friends, I offer you my friendship, my genuine love for you who cares about me.  Even if you will forget me in the future, I won't forget you.  For the little talks and the 'nothing' moments that we share help me cope with my difficulties.

To all of you who cares for me, Tintin,  Kat,  Hatim,  JP,  Bong,  Ian  and Joshua,  thank you. You are God's hands holding me through my low times.

I am happy, I am blessed with numerous blessings.