I wish a day would be about 30 hours… at least, for me, that's what I want.

How can I keep on chasing my ambitions when I can't even have the time… Lame excuse! I really want to do so much, except that the average person much sleep at least 8 hours at night, spend about 2 hours eating.. and the rest of the hours of the day to do what he does. Ah.. but that is math…

Image by Tajuana Delamora

I want to have more time without exhaustion.. something more of the mind rather than the physical. I want to be everything I want to be.. but it is like chasing away the careers that are definitely not for me.. (or at least, not yet me).

I want to be a scientist, a writer, a musician, an archer, a swimmer, a director, a teacher, and a lawyer.

How many more years must I perfect myself in order that I may become all these? I love to enjoy life, and be something more. They say, being everything is like being nothing… I say, having such ambitions is really not being everything.. it is just like believing that I can be what I want to be. It is not so much of being the best of everything, but more of something out of everything.

If only my average day could be at least 30 hours, then maybe I could spend more time in my other ambitions. No time for lame excuses, negative feelings.. and most especially.. complaints.

And so, my friends, I also encourage you to dream. Keep dreaming.. and keep trying to reach them. It is when you stop dreaming, that you cease to have a purpose in life. Not seeing yourself in a couple of years from now is a very dangerous thing. Keep living your dreams.

Me?? well, I will go on chasing my dreams until I get them.. I'll see you in a couple of years for a check. 😉