Today, someone told me "Tignan mo ang sarili mo" (Look at yourself in English). And, I did.

I've been caught at my daily life. Being at work-at-home programmer, I don't usually get so much change in my everyday routine (save for my yoga classes, which may change teachers from time to time). So, I get to thinking.

What are the baggages that I have been carrying around? I've been pained and drained by people who love taking but not giving back. I'm pained by the daily living expenses and of supporting two households. My only escape is my planning obsession and playing with my cat. What else can I change? What else should I do?

I realised, I'm not cutting myself some slack, which I ought to. I realised, this person may actually be angry at me and I may not know why.

I do have a clear conscience and honest mouth. I almost never lie. I try to share what I have and be my best to spread only positivity. So, I couldn't, for the life of me, know how I could have wronged this person.

Anyhow, in the spirit of Holy Week, and today, which is a Good Friday, I'm sorry. I apologise for the wrong I have done. And since you may be mad at me, your silent apology is accepted. (I believe that you can't be mad and not have done something wrong at the same time.)

A Solemn Good Friday to you all.