Mojo? The super power strength! The juice that powers you to be the best you can be! That special force that kicks in your superficial abilities to help you accomplish tough tasks!

Where's the mojo? Sometimes it's there, sometimes it's lost.. and when we lose it, sometimes it's tough to get it back. Why? Because maybe, just maybe we never even knew how we got it.

I lost my mojo for quite sometime now. I mostly blame it on the several different medications I had been taking that is causing my brain fog. And now, I'm gearing up to get that mojo back again. How?

There's probably not a one fix-it-all solution for everyone. You may have to try finding out what you need to get it back. (But I'll let you know if and when I get that mojo back!)

Anyhow, here's a gem I found today. Listen to Shawn Achor as he says "happiness" is the key to "success". Not the other way around.

I think there's some other realisation I found here.  That training your brain to look further than short term goals is what really brings you back on track.

Enjoyed it too?  Let's talk.  Let me know what gems you have earned from his talk.  He was very funny and inspiring to listen to! ☺️