I've been suffering from dry eyes for quite some time now. Apparently, it all started when I tried wearing contact lenses and I was irresponsibly using it. Needless to say, my eyes grow tired quite fast (considering that I'm usually infront of the computer for an average of 12hrs or more a day). I had to carry around Cellufresh MD for eye lubricant and do drops at least 3x a day.

With ample sleep and water intake, my dry-eye experience gets a little better; however, the long computer hours still don't help that much. My eyes would tear up quite frequently towards the end of the day.

Alas! When my good friend told me about this PC glasses from Elecom, I knew I had to get my hands on a pair. This would save me from frequent migraines and tearful eyes at the end of the day! So, here's my experience so far..

We visited SM Marikina's Elecom store and we learned that these glasses are also with varying strength of blue light protection. Some of the glasses had blocking power of up to 65%!

The only downside to these glasses were, they had limited designs and stocks. Everything that was on the shelf was already everything they had. Must.Not.Be.Picky.

We both grabbed the 50% blue light cut, which cost us Php 1,800 a pair. Aside from whole frame glasses, they also had clip ons which you can add on to your normal glasses if they don't already have blue light prevention lenses. But, mind you, these clip ons will probably look gigantic on top of your frames.. because they really are big. I do think though that these have quite good clips. Really great for universal purposes. What I didn't like about the clip ons though were that it would probably make you look weird because they have bigger and rounder shaped filters.

glasses 1
glasses 2
glasses 3

You'd appreciate the difference of this glasses when you're infront of your computer screen. Before you put it on, look at your screen and appreciate its brightness and color. Stare for about a minute (without doing anything). Then put on your glasses and you'd instantly see the difference.

The light becomes softer. There's a slight shade of yellowish-gray (but almost unnoticeable). Your eyes become relaxed over time. For me, I felt like my eyes wasn't a bit shy from widening to see everything on the screen (compared to droopy eyes without glasses). Even as the light outside (it's daytime and some light comes into my room) shines brightly, my eyes don't feel like squinting and it doesn't amplify the light from the monitor. No glare, baby! :)

The frame itself is quite light. There's this feeling that it's just a toy (and the color I picked made it look like candy!). Other than that, I have no other complain. It just does what it was supposed to do! Less the eye strain! Now, I can read at night even on my iPad and wouldn't affect my sleep! (Read more on blue light effect here and here

If only the 65% blue light cut had nicer frames ('coz the frames we saw looked like sports glasses!), that's the one I would've picked. These 65% cut cost around Php 2,500.

Anyhow, you love your eyes? Or your work requires you to be infront of the monitor? Get yourself one of these PC glasses. It's a must have!