I've been having this dilemma about my senior cat.  She's now 13 yrs old (turning 14 next April) and for quite sometime, since we've moved to a condo setup, she's becoming lethargic.  She hasn't been very visible inside the house because she's either always sleeping or always hiding.

Of course, we cat lovers know that hiding is a sign of lesser human interaction which could sometimes be due to a pain she's trying to deal with by herself or just because she is no longer having a good 'brain' activity.  While I know that I have been very proactive to keeping her healthy, one of the difficult parts of caring for a cat is caring for their dental health.  Since my cat is already senior, I bought her stuff to prevent (and remove) tartar; while I also take her to the vet for brushing.  She had red gums and I just apply a swab of Bactidol on her gums to prevent infection spreading and to cure the gingivitis.

Because it pains me to see her this way, I had her blood chem done at the vet.  I was very nervous and I was worried that she might have problems where I could not help in treating.  With prayers and love, her tests came out stellar! At her age, she had very good internal organs and didn't have any sign of infection or whatsoever.  

cover-image Senior Cat vitamins

While her doctor gave me Viartril-S for her joint troubles (a very small dose of .4ml daily) and vitamin B tablets daily, I felt that there is the need to get her a really senior vitamins, so I went on a hunt.

I've already bought a couple of items from Only Natural Pet Store, and the generally the transaction went fine and the product was good.  So, I found they had some powder form of senior vitamins for cats.  I researched more and found that this is probably the best one I could find so far for senior cat prescription.  Others involved a wet food diet, etc that had to be strictly prepared.  Just look at those long list of active nutrients! :P

I asked her vet about this and he said that this could probably replace her Viartril-S and B vitamin daily supplements. :)  Awesome.  No more syringe feeding the glucosamine supplement, no more tablet taking for her too! :P


So, when this arrived, I really was excited to see what this could do to my cat.  After 5 days of giving her this, my cat's limping has gone away totally (she was limping because of osteo arthritis).  She wasn't lethargic anymore!

Healthy senior cat

She's now very visible around the house.  Sometimes in the sala, on the bed, in the kitchen, in the CR.  She's just everywhere! :)

When I come home, she loves to walk around the hallway and could even walk up to the west wing of the building!  Her hair is also shinier and it doesn't shed as much as it used too.  She loves to drink more water now and her general physique is really way better than it was before.  Her eyes are now usually bright and ears show attentiveness too!

So, there.  I'm very happy with this purchase.  I've logged the date when she first took this and I'll be noting how fast it goes out and hopefully be able to set a recurring order for this item.  (PS: It takes 29-33 days approximately for one canister to run out).  This is definitely not going to be out of stock from our shelves.

I'm very grateful this wonder drug made my senior cat look and feel like a kitten! :)