Okay, first things first. This is not a bullet-proof solution. But, yes, you will definitely get lower blood pressure by doing all of these. Your drop may vary greatly on your physique and probably on how long you’ve been hypertensive.

January 3

So, I learned about my high blood pressure reading after the holidays (damn all that merry making!). As I’ve never really had a reading higher than 130/90, I gave it no attention, thinking that going back to my healthy regimen would make it go away that simply.

January 25

In the last 2 weeks that passed, I have been feeling dizzy, nauseous and extremely fatigued. I haven’t been able to run / walk as I usually do in the early morning. I found it difficult to drag myself out of bed at 7:30am (which was unusual since I run at 6:00am everyday).

I paid not much attention to it, I thought I was missing my daily dose of vitamins so I had to revisit my medicine cabinet and made it sure I had my tabs before going to bed. Date check: that was January 20. And true, the tabs made me feel a bit better. So I stopped worrying about it.

Time check: 11:30am

I have been standing out in the open with the sun directly at us throughout Mass. The St. Pio Chapel at Libis, QC had this open air area for those families with kids. They didn’t want the solemnity be distracted with running kids, crying babies, etc. So, with my 3yr old nephew, the family stayed out here. 3 out of 4 of us were standing (where eventually the sun caught up at us).

After having our rosaries and relics blessed by the priest, we walk to find a good place to have lunch. We ended up at Teriyaki Boy. Not really a fan of rice, I just ordered Miso Ramen. No meat, mostly seafood and veggies (I love it that way)… but yes, it was darn salty so I didn’t really drink much of the soup itself.

Time check: 1:00pm

The family walked out under the sun to see the dancing fountain (synchronised fountain) at Eastwood. My nephew enjoyed it a bit while we were sitting nearby and chatting, enjoying the feel of a park.

Time check: 1:30pm

We had to head on to Megamall because I was meeting my boyfriend and we’re also about to do our groceries. Remembering this promo from Watson’s on a digital blood pressure monitor, I had to stop by and get myself that. I’ve been wanting to do that since January 3.

And here goes the horror. Yes, I was sweating like hell. My head still carries the heat of the sun, and so does the insides of my shirt. Inside the mall, I looked like an odd ball. I was a bit dizzy and light headed, but I thought it was only because I got only around 5 hours of sleep last night.

Me: Hi, I’m getting this blood pressure monitoring tool, and one piece of buscopan for my sister.
Pharmacist: Okay ma’am. Do you want me to show you how to use it? We can try it on you.
Me: Okay that will be great.
Pharmacist: (Putting the tool on my left arm) (Presses START)

As it clicked away to settle to a reading, the first one I got was 165/110. We were both shocked. I saw her face got a flash of horror there for a moment.

Pharmacist: Ma’am, did you walk outside the heat of the sun? Have you been walking too long?
Me: Uhm, yes. Quite true. I’m still feeling the heat right now actually.
Pharmacist: Maybe you should rest first. (Gives a pause of look at me—maybe wondering what my age is, probably)
Me: Ah, ok. But, I’m getting one of these.
Pharmacist: Okay, sure. (Punches away the numbers and swipes my card) Do you want me to try it again?
Me: Uhm, ok. Go ahead. (But I was reluctant to find out it was going to be high again because I’m feeling dizzy)

More clicking..

And the reading: 147/100.

Pharmacist: (Awkward look at me, as if I was going to die anytime soon while she stares)
Me: (yeah, yeah.. let’s just move on)

Time check: 3:00pm

I was feeling quite heavy already. Plus, knowing that BP reading was not helping at all. However, I had to go through with my grocery list or I’ve got nothing to eat for the next coming week.

Time check: 6:00pm

Dinner at Tokyo, Tokyo. I only had 8pcs california maki, mango pannacotta and regular red iced tea. Then we went home.

Time check: 7:30pm

I was becoming extremely dizzy and fatigued. First aid: drink one tablespoon of pure calamansi. Sit down for 10 minutes (no lying down).

Reading: 147 / 95

Monday morning, January 26

I knew I couldn’t attend yoga. I was too dizzy, balance would be a challenge. Moreso, some poses could shoot up my blood pressure. I had to inform my instructor I wasn’t coming, and yes, I was honest about the reason.

I researched a bit on the poses that could help alleviate my condition, looking to yoga for a good solution. And, yes, I found some.

The solutions I did:

A. Do yoga poses that help aid lowering of blood pressure. Avoid inverses and poses where you raise both hands (put them on your waist instead). And when you are called to look up on your arm, just look down. Below are poses that will help lower your blood pressure.

  • Do a supported downward dog. Your head could be resting on blankets or a foam block (if a the hard block would be too uncomfortable). Hands or soles of feet could be the one pressed against the wall. Stay here for 5 mins.
    downward facing dog

  • Do viparita karani (it’s like dandasana on the wall). Your sacrum should be pressed on the wall with your legs up and arms open at 90 degrees.
    viparita karani

  • Do a paschimottanasana (forward fold) with support. Your head could be resting on blankets between your shins.
    forward fold

  • Do janu sirsasana. Head to knee forward fold.
    janu sirsasana

B. In the morning, drink one glass of water immediately after waking up.

C. Eat a banana 15-30 minutes before your main meal. (This may not work if you’re a diabetic). So, this is 3x a day.

D. After your full main meal, mix apple cider vinegar with your last cup of water. Some recommend 1/4 cup. What I did was just to fill the cap of the apple cider vinegar bottle and mix that to my cup of water. So, this is done 3x a day.

E. During snack time, I drink Hibiscus tea. So, I have this 3x a day. And for snacks, I ate dark chocolate with 72% cocoa. (take note that it needs to be higher than 60% of cocoa to be functional). Don’t overdo your chocolates, it would also be bad. And drank 2/3 bottle of pure cranberry juice. (Pure: no extra sugars, no other flavouring. Max 21g sugars in the bottle with 0g fat, 0g sodium)

Hibiscus tea
dark chocolate

F. Before going to bed, I drank 1 cup of almond milk.

G. And the most important of all, no meat taken, 2-3 litres of water, and at least 7 hours of sleep.

Wednesday morning, January 28

Today, I’m writing this post and I have 120/80 reading with 64 bbm heart rate. All the hard work paid off!


Also, one good thing to note is the difference of this ‘feeling’ when your blood pressure is high. You need to take note of that so that you can quickly identify it even when outside of the house. That way, it doesn’t become a ‘thief in the night’ for your health.

Last night, as I prayed, I thanked God for the high reading. Why? If I did get this at a later age, I’d only say to myself this is part of growing up. But, getting this now, I am saying this to myself: I can make the change this early. And, I’m glad to be doing that now.

I plan to become vegatarian soon. But for now, baby steps. This is all for a long term benefit.

Take care of your hearts, everyone!

Image borrowed from: http://todayifoundout.com