So, I got this MetroDeal coupon I've been dying to try. I'm not a fan of saunas, but I thought it would be a good unwinding experience.

Lasema Spa, its a Korean style sauna and spa. Here, you can spend the whole day relaxing. They have a wet and dry area. The wet area contains the lockers, 3 jacuzzi pools (two hot, with temperatures ranging from 42 degrees & above; and one cold at 27 degrees) and shower stalls. In the women area, they provide hair dryers too!

Inside the jacuzzi area, it is required for all to be naked! Imagine my surprise! :D They will provide you with two hair towels, your default shirt and short (pink for women, gray for men).

Your locker key could double in as your hair tie if you don't have one. You're obliged to wear your hair up while in the pool area.

You can stay there as long as you like, or you can head out to the common area for other activities. In the dry area, you may choose to have a massage (an hour's worth, and your choice of style). Since we only used a voucher, we were given only either Shiatsu or Swedish massage. I picked the latter.

The massage I received was great. Some of my back pains went immediately away after I heard some snapping and cracking of my bones! :) I was a bit surprised, but I liked it.

After the massage, we had Shin Ramen and two eggs each. The egg had a light brownish color, but it tastes really really yummy! (not like the white egg we're used to, maybe because it was grilled). While eating, I looked around and there they had a TV area, sleeping areas (one which is open, and one like a tunnel). They had dry saunas too, where each room had varying temperatures. There's the Oak and Clay, Dome Clay, Salt Charcoal Sauna and the Ice Room!

I didn't get a chance to hop in all of them, but I didn't let the Ice Room pass! It was at -9 degrees Celsius. I think what I did was a bad thing to do. Note to self: do not eat then go to the ice room! :D The proper thing is to do is to spend 10-15 minutes in one sauna, go outside and rest for a couple more minutes then try another one.

Overall, I was happy with the experience, although, since this is something new for Pinoys, it would be best to have a guide or a tour plus some recommendations on what's best to do. If you have time on your hands, I suggest you try everything. This sauna is open 24 hours, so it is really good to stay here if you want to relax.


  • The place was quite accessible, even via car travel. The location is just inside Makati Golf Club.
  • Food is good. A mixture of healthy, and Korean. TIP: Order Kimbap (Gimbap) ahead of time.
  • Masseurs are really good, however, be sure to leave them a tip. Accept their tip envelopes.
  • They are open 24 hours.
  • Their jacuzzis are treated with either Green Tea or Ginseng. Need I explain?
  • Women's wet area are well equipped with necessary stuff like powder, blow dryers, etc.


  • They aren't too visible from the outside.
  • There is no guide or recommendation for newcomers.
  • The food is quite expensive.
  • Robes, or big towels will cost you a 1k rental fee.
  • You have to leave tips for masseurs regardless of whether you liked their service or not. They earn from commission only.
  • Bring loads of cash! They don't accept credit cards! I had to scramble for cash to pay my due. I felt so impoverished!

PS: I don't have photos because I left my phone in the car! I will upload some when I visit them again!

Overall, I recommend this place if you want relaxation, stress free environment, and to try some healthy practices to detoxify your body.

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