I found myself hurriedly waking up to start my day.  Though I may feel a bit crappy from a headache and body pains, this beautiful soul drives my day.  It will always be a beautiful morning for me when you talk to me.  It makes me feel light and happy. 

How could I have missed all the beautiful feelings this soul has caused?  How could I have not seen the light that came from you?  Was it because I chose to be blind? Or were you just too serene to make a disturbance?  How could one beautiful soul go unnoticed?

Thank you for making me feel special.  Thank you for hearing me out, and caring for me without expecting anything else in return.  I am spoiled.  I only do what I want and get what I want, but I don't know what I need.  Hey, beautiful soul, have you got what I need?

Today, and even yesterday, your light occupies my mind.  I am grateful that I have a friend such as you.  Thank you for everything.  Know that I will always look after you, pray for you and be with you in any way possible.  

You are one beautiful soul.  I will cherish you as much as you cherish me.