All the while, I thought I'd never be writing a happy thought. But, here I am now smiling as I pour my heart out into this small space in the internet.

What a happy day it is! Though I may be lacking sleep, I have been looking forward to something. A happy feeling. Yes, the thought that I'd get to talk to a friend whom I missed had carried me throughout my long and tedious day. It didn't matter if I wasn't able to comb my hair as I ran outside the house to catch the first ride.. It didn't matter if the sun was too hot at 8am.. It didn't matter if I was kinda late.. I was just wanting to hear from a friend.

I was absolved from the tiredness, the guilt of not sleeping well, the hunger, the stress, and everything else. I was just happy. I think I have been sad for a long time, that this happiness seem to be the only thing in my mind. I carried on through the day smiling. What a funny feeling! I was so excited to share this story to an online buddy of mine, but he was offline that time, so I just kept it to myself instead.

When you smile and feel happy, everything becomes light and easy. Yes, this could very well be the words that'll best describe my day–light and easy. And more so, even before I left the office, this buddy of mine finally went online and I was even happier to have shared my feelings. Friend, you make me happy, thank you.

As I left the office running, I was able to get to my teacher's place on time. And here, another good story needs to be told. Even though I have not practiced the day before, I received a very favorable comment from my teacher. And in her excitement, she gave me my first piece to practice. (I wouldn't tell you yet, its supposed to be a surprise..) She remarked that I am a fast learner and was all hyper to let her family know that her student is catching up a bit faster than she expected. ;)

This made my day complete! My, my, I wish the days to come will be happier!