In the wee hours of the morning.. it was silent.. clicking sounds from the keyboard and rushing work to beat deadlines.  How I wish I had more hands.  My mind could try to imagine my work done, but my hands can’t cope.  I wish I could type faster.  I grab the mouse and my wrist hurt.  Its hurting from overwork.

I squint at the glowing monitor amidst the dark living room with sleeping bodies.  My family soundly sleeping at the hours while I work and wipe my teary eyes from overworking.. from staring too hard at the monitor and its small blurry letters.  Seems like my glasses are a bit smoky or just plain dirty.  I wipe the lenses clean, but to no avail.

My butt hurts too.  It hurts from sitting long hours.. til I almost seem to be inanimate.  The pain moves up my back, and my shoulders now feel like it carried a huge load for more than 24 hours while climbing a mountain.  I cringe at my non-rolling chair wrapped in a soiled blanket that is stinking from overwork.. stinking from lack of attention.  It looks like its a rag used outdoor.. but its my blanket..

I look around for a distraction.. I must have been tired.  I saw my cat sleepingly comfortably in a very funny position.  Her belly exposed while she reached for the sky.  I envy her.  She used to play around while I work at night just so she could keep me company, but now she is sleeping.  She must have gotten used to this lifestyle that it made her tired of it.

Soon it was morning and I can bother my friends again.. I gave out another round of good morning messages to my good close friends.  I patiently waited for them to wake up.  My friends give me the strength because they love me.  They love me deeply.. warmly.  I do not mind this tiredness because they are happy.  I am happy because they are happy.

My heart will not tire for those I love.  But, I do not understand why my good friends will get hurt when I try so hard to protect them; when I am so careful enough to pray for them everyday and hope that they will be treated well because I cannot be everybody for them.

I have forgotten my own pains because my friends are in pain.  I am sad that my friends may lose the ardor to love and stay happy.  Please, I ask of you to respect and value human emotions for it is what makes a life worth living.  Love everybody as if they are strangers you’ll never get to meet again, but deserve love and respect nonetheless.  Judgments are only a waste of precious time together, let this not be the cause of losing a friend.

My hands are small, my body is in pain, but my heart is magnanimous.  My friend, turn to me when you don’t know where to go to.  My hands are small, but my heart is big enough to embrace you.