Today is just another day.  I woke up with a prayer.  Thanking God for the blessings I have right now, and end up praying for everybody else that I care for.  I don't know why I don't feel so great today, but heck its still one new sky for this new day!

Even as I lousily prepared for leaving the house, I was able to get to the office first.  Such an irony! I say my usual goodmornings and carry on my tasks.  I was having a small throb of pain in my head, but I'm ignoring it.  I am still going to a training.. I should be at my best.  Nudging it off my mind, I went about checking my mails, and composing some for a friend.  I receive a buzz.. an expected friend was online and greeting me a goodmorning.. all of a sudden, I forget about the pain.

Heading off towards the training venue, my head was getting heavier.  I receive an SMS from a new friend.  Before I could even dwell on the pain the headache was causing me, I had a smile on my face.  Even so at the training, when I was having this headache, occasional laughs from the speaker's jokes would make me forget about the pain its causing me.  Even my seatmate was doing a good job distracting me from the headache! :)

As the lecture approached its end, our pictures were taken to document the event.  Now heading off to lunch, my head is getting heavier.  But more so, before I could shut myself in this pain, I met former colleagues who were just about in the next table.  How God sends you blessings! You only have to notice them!  Seeing them made me remember past experiences and happy times with them.. and so a diversion from the pain that was becoming more intolerable every second.  After lunch, I've already had two tablets of biogesic, but it has not saved me from any pain at all!

Later still, my new friend and I had to part.. and our team went back to the office.  Here, I felt more of the pain.. its already killing me.  Talking or laughing doesn't seem to lighten me up a bit.  I had to take a walk downstairs to grab my favorite snacks at 7eleven store.  At first, I thought it was just another scene at the store where there were lots of students getting refreshments and chatting at the dining area, people staring at the waiting area, and a long line at the cashier.  Yeah, not so good a scene when I am having this headache.

Nothing special happened.  Not until I dropped a coin.  I was about to head to the door.  Not smiling, walking across the room in a very standoffish manner.. not bothering to look at anyone nor to smile at anyone who smiles at me.. (not so me..).  I went to put the change in my left pocket.. when I missed a coin!  A young boy of around 3yrs of age was playing rushed to pick it up.  At first, I thought he was going to keep it for himself.  It wouldn't bother me at all… but no!  What surprised me was, he rushed to pick it up for me!!!  He looked up at me and smiled while he held out the coin for me to take.  The next few moments was like heaven.. I thanked him in the sweetest tone I could have possibly said 'thank you' to someone who helped me.  He actually made me smile.

A smile that was so genuine it cured my headache!  I went back up to the office with a smile.

He was an angel.  God sends us angels.  I believe that angels are among us.. we only have to believe in them and see them for who they really are.  I thank God for angels.

No, he wasn't the only angel I had for today.  Joshua is an angel, Ian is an angel, my seatmate Gerald is an angel, Mam Reneth is an angel, Kat, Tin, and everyone around me who loves me is an angel for me.

If its not so much to ask, I pray to God, that I myself be an angel to others too.  Its the only way I can help everyone everyday. :)