This day is Family day.  To some unknown reason, my youngest sister wanted to invite my boyfriend to her school's family day.  Considering his place is quite far from us, he was still able to arrive on time (and still a little earlier than expected).  Altogether, we took a cab and rode to the campus area.

Of course, the feeling was ecstatic.  I have not yet brought anyone to my high school.  As I am also an alumni of this school, I am one of the most known students of the campus.  It is here that I have been acclaimed as a role model for students, an alumni that they most often call for help for teaching Math subjects and for participating activities like Career talks, etc.  But, even so, they have never seen me around with a boyfriend.  :P With just these things in mind, I have come to find a simple happiness in the thought that I now have someone who cares enough to join me in what makes me happy and to be part of what is also important in my life.  I got to see some of my former teachers (and former co-teachers).  Some were excited to see me again, whilst some stayed as snobbish as before, but nonetheless, I was back and it was a happy feeling.

I was able to share to him some of the memories that I had back there.  I was able to show him the familiar places that I used to go to in my high school days.  Aside from that, he also met my former Math teacher who asked me to be her substitute some 2years ago.. and my mom's best friend at school too.  And the most unforgettable funny comment I heard was from this Math teacher.  She said: "Oh, mamahalin mo yan si Maricris.  Makulet yan, pero mabait.  Paulet-ulet ang mga sinasabi, pero yun ay dahil matalino yan."  All I ever thought was why was I ever "paulet-ulet (redundant)"? and how?? Hmmm… there must be something about me, that I have not yet found out.  ;)

Later today, when we got home, it was raining and was very cozy here in my room.  I was able to doze for about 30minutes  before I went back to work.  By 6pm, I went out to get something to eat.  We finished dinner with the usual funny perky discussions about our own stories of stupidity for the whole day.  Heading back to my room, the discussion ended with thoughts on what to prepare for Christmas celebration.  Now, I am into tons of excitement for preparing the Christmas dinner.  I have many ideas on what to prepare.

I wonder, how come I am all so excited to cook, whereas I don't usually cook.  I think of the previous pasta I prepared last Christmas and plan to cook it again, but then I wanted to just cook anything next week.  Right now, my cooking enthusiasm is driven by people who want to eat what I prepare.  The mere fact that I want to cook for my honey, who really is very enthusiastic in trying out everything I'm going to cook for him, makes me soooo excited to cook! (PS:  Maybe as I go along my cooking adventure, I'll be posting the recipes I'll be using.)

And there it goes.. simply everything (actually anything) that made me happy for today.  My day was graced with people who care for me, and most importantly, my honey. :)