Dating is a boring stuff!

I don't like too much dating.  I don't even like the word itself!  When I hear this word, I get to picture a very orchestrated scene, a situation that must always be planned ahead of time.  The guy prepares a lot for this day, and the girl too will waste time on her looks and clothing… Nah!  Definitely not for me.

I hate it when you must always set a romantic mood for a date to be successful.  Dates are made for both parties to have fun and enjoy.  Its when you can just be yourself with the other person.  I believe that these are times when you must both pitch in ideas to get you both where you want to be and just literally enjoy each other's company.

Yesterday was one important date for me.  Of course, as everyday is important for me, I should dress well, but not too flashy or too stylishly.   Of course we planned on where we will spend the evening together.  We settled in for malling in Cubao.  The classic date would be to watch a movie then grab some dinner or vice versa.. but us, we went out for a stroll while we were eating fries (favorite flavor, of course!).  We went to visit different stalls.  I took him to my favorite store, while I, I got myself a new cap (hehe..).  Next we headed off to Adidas, where there, he got a UST shirt and a UP jersey (hulaan nyo kung taga san siya talaga.. ).  Then, we went to SM and inside the record bar.  I don't even remember how many hours we spent in that place! (without even buying anything!) Ahehe..  At around 9pm or so, we were still not hungry though I must eat.. so I took him to Dimsum `n Dumplings where I like the drinks there and one special dumpling.  It took us hours eating while just talking about nothing important at all!

It was fun and memorable though it wasn't even romantic at all.. but heck do I care, as long as we were both having fun.  All that really mattered was that we enjoyed the day without concentrating much on how the evening must be spent.  At the end of the day, when we got home, we were still able to watch the opening scenes of Bubble Gang.. had few laughs before he headed home.  Sigh.. a day not so ordinary.