Its December again, and 'tis the season for celebrating Christmas.

This is the season where one feels most joyous, relaxed, excited and a mixed set of positive emotions. Today is just a sunday morning, but for the first time, I heard my mom play christmas songs. It suddenly gave me this feeling of lightness, and… charan!!! brought me this urge to write my wishlist.. hehehe…

This December, I'm excited again to go to Simbang Gabi.. and as I always do, I'll be posting my rants and raves for each Mass. Anyways, here goes my wishlist:

  1. I'd love to have my own Picanto. I'd like to have it in green. Ayus ba sa wish #1?! :P
  2. I'd like to keep on wishing for this until the time I'll get it. This has become one of my passions, and I'd really love to put it into practice. So, for the first place, I'd wish for a bow and arrow. I have always loved archery way back in college days, but it'll be so much pleasure if I could get to practice it. I really miss archery.. I could've been a varsity member for my university back then.. Sigh..
  3. Next, I'd like to have a Divi Cam. Sa sobrang kuripot ko, di ako makabili. Hehe, that's why its in this wishlist because I can't even get it for myself. I'd love to have it in 5.0 MP. Unknown to some, I also love photography, but I don't want to take a professional education on this, `coz I believe that there are different approaches to art (as photography is also an art).
  4. I'd love to have a 4GB SanDisk memory card for my cellphone. I love my walkman phone, and so I put almost all my favorite songs there. I also use it as a handy camera, so more storage, the better.
  5. My eyes always hurt from staring too much at my CRT monitor, so I guess its about time, I get myself an LCD monitor at home.. So this is what I want: a Samsung 17inch 740N black.
  6. Maybe you'll wonder why an IPod will fall under this number.. I don't really fuss about having an IPod, but for times when I need to carry with me my whole music folder, this is a better option. Though my uncle promised to get me an IPod (in return for the favor he asked from me), I'm still not counting on that.. I'd rather have it put in my wishlist. :P (Now, would you look at that! The center image for IPod ad is Johnny Depp!!! hahaha… cool! )
  7. Johnny Depp is my favorite actor. So is Robin Williams, Adam Sandler and Al Pacino. But among them all, I'd love to have a collection of all movies by Johnny Depp and Al Pacino. Sigh.. and I'll watch them all this Christmas!!! Bwahahahaha!!! (if I do get them).
  8. For anime, I only love Inuyasha. So, I'd love to have episodes 115- to the last one plus the fourth movie. (Yan, mas madali na hanapin yan!)
  9. Hmmm… Seems like the items are getting cheaper by the number! ;) For this number, since I am into decorating my new room, I'd like to have a green carpet maybe 1meter long for my room. I don't like cold floors, and I love to have something fuzzy to step on. So, a green or brown carpet is very much suitable.
  10. As another option, for a room decor, I might add a very antique looking lamp.. ideally, it should have an option for toning down the light. Sometimes, my eyes hurt under a very bright light (I can also be night blind).
  11. I also love music. Right now, the genres that I love to listen to are Chillout, Jazz, New wave and Bossa. Ergo, I'd love to have all the Bossa Albums I can have. I already have some of Sitti Navarro's, Bossa and Marley, and VST ala Bossa.
  12. Last year, I remember asking for bags, but right now, please.. ayaw ko na ng bag! ang dami na kase.. Hmm.. right now, another cheap option is to get a 1GB DDR Memory for my PC.
Now, there it is. I wish I could've put more, but hey, I can already buy the next items for myself, so I guess I'll just stick to that. Don't be so surprised that these are mostly gadgets for I love gadgets.

Even as I have finished writing this list, there is still one more that I'd love to have. I pray that my current relationship will last a lifetime. Though its very hard to attain, I'd love to live by that wish day by day until it comes true. That would be the best gift I could ever receive. But even without that wish, this is already the best Christmas of my life.