Have you watched John Travolta's "Be Cool"??

I remember this scene of that movie where a hitman was trying to kill John Travolta.  This Russian guy hopped out of the car and tried to gun him down with a couple of shots.  People run around screaming while Mr. Joe Cool, walks by casually as if nothing is causing him to be alarmed.  Hiding behind a pillar, he waited for one round of shots to be thru.  When the bullets were all exhausted, he comes out and confronts his hunter.

Dramatic and suave, right?  Yeah, but there was only one flaw.  How can one assassin be so careless and imprecise with his mission?  What is a guy in bad need of a hair transplant doing in the street, shooting bullets aimed at no one or nothing?? :P Duh..

Just watch this clip and pay attention to the first shoot-out scene: