<p>Filipinos are always known for their family tradition.&nbsp; We have a culture that is always joyous, friendly and have strong family ties.&nbsp; We even stay close to our relatives and keep extended families together.&nbsp; Each year, families celebrate reunions to meet new family members and even dedicate commemoration to the departed ones.&nbsp; We never miss out events such as these because every family member is important.</p>

More often than not, here in the Philippines, we do not leave out our elders to senior care homes like the known Home for the Aged.  We'd rather see them taken well cared of at the comfort of our own homes, either by ourselves, or via a private nurse.  Sure, it may be the best thing we could offer them.  We don't want to miss a day in their lives apart from our own, so this is by far the best gift we could give them.  Is this all?  Should we all leave it up to those caregivers/private nurses?  We must also learn how to learn what's best for them.  Senior care is not that simple.  There are a lot of things to consider like food, exercise, enough brain stimulation, mood, and rest.  There are good senior home reviews on the net that can help a lot for these. 

Somehow, the family keeps us very young in ways of the heart while our body ages.  And in the future, how much you've loved your own elders and your youngsters will be just as much love you'll receive when you're aged.