Have you ever been into a situation when you're faced with rights, rules and regulations and other strict stuffs?  Do you honestly know what is right and what is wrong wherever you may be and whatever you may be doing?

Employment starts with a Contract.  That was what DOLE said during their seminar.  Its actually a set of conditions, assumptions and rules and regulations that you must comply with when you join the company.  It is a law that you must abide by when in that company.  In the end, this is where everything boils down to.  You argue your right, but stay within bounds of this paper and the Constitution.

The management, on the other hand, must also get their own lawyer for the company.  Everything must be bound by the law, either by the country where the business resides, or the owner of the building leased by the company and even employee rights.  A good company must be able to provide good lawyers, just like San Diego business lawyers.  The slightest mistake in wording, grammar, or general appearance of a strict business document reflects on the stability and legality of a company's business.

And, in personal aspects, we must also be aware of our rights in various sectors that we participate in.. may it be for employment, social ethics, or rents; we must always acknowledge that every action is bound by the law.  I for one, would've ignored the value of knowing one's rights, not until my own were jeopardized.  I was young then when I was faced with issues regarding Intellectual Property Rights.  Not having my own lawyer was the major overkill for me.  I had nothing to pay for a lawyer's fee, yet I have every right to my creation at the same time.

Well, my advise, always keep a lawyer's number in your pocket (err, well, at least even in your mobile addressbook.. or a calling card perhaps).  Never be without a legal advice.  Try to find good ones through law firms.  You can never know what's gonna happen next, so, stay on top of everything!