Freedom from Windows!

I am an opensource fanatic, and I hate Windows.

For so long a time already, I have been wanting to port my Windows hard drive to a Linux OS.. I just haven't had the guts to do so.  Since the time I was working, I always used Linux.  I have tried Redhat, Mandrake (now known as Mandriva), SuSe, CentOS, Debian, and Sun Solaris.  I loved them all.  I've always felt that it fitted my workaholic nature.  Just seeing the PC in Linux OS gave me the silent command of work.  Ergo, I always sat down infront of my Linux den and started working right away.  It gave me the feeling that I will never waste a second when I work in Linux environment, unlike in Windows. 

I have always felt that Windows OS provided me with so much distraction that I cannot work.  The IMs have been introduced, notifiers sitting on your tray, too many desktop distractions!  And I find myself always monitoring processes, most of the time, afraid that I had too many of them where most are trivial.  On top of it, I would always have to set my anti-virus to update itself automatically, afraid that my files would go unprotected.

Recently, my home PC bogged down.  For some apparent reason, it might have sensed that I was nearly into frustration that I would wipe it clean and put Linux instead.  Having bought a new hard drive, of course, what I had in mind was to use it as tertiary boot disk to run in Ubuntu.  But, since it has paved way for a reformat, because of its jealousy, then I now had the courage to put Ubuntu as my primary OS.  Never mind that my sisters would complain later on.  :P after all, I have surveyed their PC use patterns, and found that they use up only most of the internet resource for Friendster, etc and YM.

I am now running Ubuntu's latest desktop OS, and so very happy because of it. :)