<p>The greatest fear in business is how to get your stuff into the open and how you can get people to be interested in your services/products.&nbsp; By far, good businesses fail because they don&#39;t get much attention from their prospective clients/audience.&nbsp; Though product/service may be good, essential word of mouth and advertisement may be necessary.&nbsp; This too is one of the many fears of startups and other businesses.&nbsp; </p>

Even big companies do have to make callouts from time to time.  Some do find good advertisers for their post, while some rely on good word of mouth and referrals to make themselves noticed and patronized.  Just like the way bloggers want to advertise themselves on the net, they have Google's PageRank as their gauge. 

There are a lot of engines willing to store your link and thereby give you more exposure on the web.  Sure, bloggers earn link-ups through these engines and blog submission sites, but what exactly is the most essential key to linking you up?  Just like advertisers, it is necessary for them to be really into their niche, their target audience.  For me, what brings me happiness is when one of my links link me up too.  I believe that they get good stuffs from my site, and that's what keeps them coming back.

For jobsites, we've got a good go and trust on JobsDB.com and even Jobstreet.  Real estate companies need a good real estate marketing company.  Bloggers need blog engines like PinoyBlogger and BlogFlux.  There are a lot of services out there that help us out get heard.. We can't get all of these services and not all of them will suit our needs.  Its just a matter of choosing your herald wisely.  In the end, if we attain our desire to be heard and aided, then that would be the rank of your success!