<p>&nbsp;             Do you love beaches?&nbsp; Quiet places that commune with nature?&nbsp; Well, I&#39;m with you!&nbsp; I totally love spending time adoring nature and simply easing out my stressed mind.&nbsp; </p>

As with summer in its peak by this time, who hasn't gone out in the open to enjoy nature?  But, what if you live in a place that is a tourist spot, or looks like a tourist spot??  What if you live in a place where you will feel relaxed everyday and so close to nature?  Well, if there is such a place, why not get a permanent residence there? ..that would be a good idea.

La Jolla, San Diego's Jewel is the place to go.  Well, after some time of looking at beaches of Palawan (and now looking forward to see Bicol's waters), I found that La Jolla real estate also has its pride.  Just look at the scene that it can offer you!  Even a cured patient would be very eager to spend time in a place like this!  On top of that, who would miss the chance to live with the neighborhoods where Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, the singer Jewel, and the Sultan of Brunei has their properties too?!

The place is magnificent, just by looking at the picture.  I wonder when I'll ever get to visit that place too.