What’s the Lion’s Gate portal?

In a gist, this holiday happens every August 8th.  This is a cosmic alignment of the Star Sirius (the brightest star in the night sky — which, ironically, is most visible astrologically under the Leo sign), the constellation Orion’s Belt and the Earth.  It is said, this portal starts between July 26 and ends August 12.  The peak of the celebration, is on August 8th.  

Simply looking at the number 8, it is a number that is often associated with grace, infinity, flow and wealth and prosperity.

Photo by Mika Brandt on Unsplash

How can it affect us?

This is the perfect opportunity to manifest new beliefs, to push forward plans and projects and a period of growth in terms of self work.  It is a time to re-evaluate your goals and identify those that works for you and what don’t.  It is an invitation to bring forth those that you have neglected to see, and make it visible for you to take action.  

It is a huge nudge for action and self introspection, in order to come out successful.

What’s it like for me?

For me, I felt like I was in a rut in the last few weeks.  I felt absolutely no motivation to move, or do any of my hobbies.  For the life of me, I almost thought I was slipping back to depression.  I did more meditation and self-reiki to help me feel unstuck.  Even my work wasn’t moving in the right direction I wanted.  It was like a stand-still, a waiting game.

When August landed, it was a surge of a roller coaster for me.  Believe it, or not, I had some food poisoning and I was out cold last 4th of August.  I couldn’t move at all, couldn’t speak, couldn’t eat.  I had a terrible headache and the stomach pain was unbearable.  The incident didn’t make much sense at that time, but a few days later, I had a surge of new energy and motivation.

On the 8th of August, the peak of the Lion’s gate portal, all my work got the much needed flow and I was even able to complete 3 more pieces of stories! All the tasks I have put on hold suddenly had been completed and I felt so accomplished in just a day, compared to the last two weeks of my life!

My reflections

I’m always grateful and overjoyed whenever we have our Animal Insights circle.  My teacher, along with my classmates of Animal communication decided to have this monthly meeting and share our wins and joys of animal communication work.  

We reflected on the Lion’s Gate essence today and we received our own messages which are both empowering and eye opening for each of us.  Let me share mine with you:

I picked one card from each of the decks I have nearby.

(1) Freedom (2) Perception and (3) Yellow

My first card is the Freedom card from the Wild Mystic deck.  As an intuitive reader, the moment I picked this card, I realized, the message is still consistently aligned with the messages I have had for myself in the last few weeks.  

This card calls for ease and grace.  There’s a message about expansion in a graceful manner.  There’s a dance of balance that’s much needed, more like a give and take ebb in your life.  And the narwhal is a very strong message of calling out to what magic is in your life.  Narwhals are medium sized mammals with a tusk.  They’re commonly referred to as the unicorns of the sea.  It’s calling out to us to come back to dreaming and manifesting that we truly want.

Reflect on: How do you invite magic into your life? Are you letting magic flow into your life with grace?

The second card is 9 Perception from the Shamanic Healing deck.  9 is a number that signifies close to culmination.  You’ve been planning something, or a project that’s brewing but hasn’t been out there to be cherished by the public.  You need to get it out there.  

From the deck’s own explanation, it brings in the play of energy with perception: “With energy, sometimes, a slight shift in perception is all that’s needed.”  And, again, we see the Yin & Yang symbol here which calls for balance.   The card clearly calls out growth that comes as the foundation and requirement for the next coming days.

Reflect on: Are you being rigid by not letting things flow naturally on its own? What could be a good perspective shift in order for you to get things moving?

And before I drew the last card, my spirit guides told me I was going to get Yellow.  And true enough, I couldn’t help but smile because, indeed, I pulled the 22 Yellow card from The Secret Language of Colors deck!

This card, is most definitely focused on the Solar plexus color and strongly resonates with the Lion’s Gate which is a manifestation of boldness, strength and light.  And coincidence aside, a lion’s mane is always depicted in yellow!  This calls out to us to purify our body and strengthen our self image.  The solar plexus is connected with our feelings of confidence and our self image.  When we strengthen that image, we strengthen the solar plexus which in turn provides us with a strong resolve to move forward with our goals.  Isn’t that great? Everything lines up so naturally!

And when I read back on the guide of that deck, yellow is said to be “the color of intellect and mental stimulation, Yellow can also help you think more quickly and clearly.  Purify your digestive system with Yellow rays of light.”  Truly, I somehow was glad I had that purging when I had food poisoning! Wouldn’t you know?! — the universe was helping me kick off that digestive power by purging toxins within my body.  Truly astounding work done on me!

Reflect on: How are your purifying your body to get it moving towards your goals? How does yellow make you feel?

There's so much inner work that needs to be done.  This is the time to take advantage of the energies that are surrounding us.  Make use of this time as a kick-off for whatever you need motivation for.  

Happy roaring!