Lately, its been hell.  In and out of sleep, all I ever think about is just finishing this project.

I’ve ran out of time… time for my friends, time for my blog.. time for my family, time for my cat.

My sis is angry at me because she needed help and I wasn’t there.  Truth is, I have always been with you.. all my friends, you  just can’t hear me, you can’t feel me.. but knowing that I’m a worry wart.. I always worry about you.

Nothing compares to my tears for you, and you know that.  I’m sorry this have to be this way.  It pains me to see you hurting, but there are people too who count on me.  Not my boss, not anybody from the higher ups, but those who are behind me.  I cannot let many people suffer.  I have to even out these things.  I will make it up to you.  I am just trying to be a superhuman right now.

I will try to ignore the pain, try to ignore the lack of sleep and the tiredness I feel everyday.  The stress and the pressure will always be there, but know that this is all for a cause, and that I will never forsake you though you do not see me there beside you.  The eyes are just for seeing.