Its been quite a while since I last posted in this blog.  For the whole month of January, I was quite consistent with posting my thoughts online, but recently, I had to take a step back since I have been all to busy to simply sit down and type away my thoughts and feelings.  Words aren't even enough to express my workload recently.

I can't believe that I could hardly notice that the time between 8am to 12noon.  It appears to me as almost just something like 3minutes!  Its either you can't talk to me at all, or you just can't see me at all!  Its either I'm busy typing away as if I'm always chased away by some invisible ghost, or I am away on phone conferences or meetings outside the office.  It seems everything is fleeting!

Feels like I'm already defying my own set standards for pleasure and work.  Everything just have to be in fast and out just as quickly.  Nothing stays in my grip.  I have to have everything moving in a very quick manner.  No second or minute is to be wasted. 

Part of my job is to interview applicants.  And, since my two developers just moved out, I had to have a quick replacement of them two.  Thing is, I need to upgrade to people who needed more than one skill in specific.  So, I have to have many applicants just to see who amongst them could bring home the price of being the best among the rest.  I am not too rude, and more often than not, I'd like to act plain, simple and sometimes stupid infront of my applicant (though there is always some air of authority that I cannot keep).  I do this because I'd like the applicant to feel very much at home, ergo, he'd feel more comfortable talking to me, and the interview would be very smooth and informative (with me taking over the direction of the discussion, of course).  Though I already seem nice, I do hate people who waste my time.  Everything is precious, most importantly is time.. and applicants who do brag about nothing qualifies for someone who wastes my time.

Everyday is the same scenario.  Morning conf calls, email sending, devteam managing, applicant interviews, chasing deadlines and the people who are responsible for them, do MIS, and buffer for the bosses.  Ughh.. tiring.  But tonight, though I had a business meeting by early this evening, I had so much pleasure in taking my mind off work.  As much as I wanted to think more about it, I'd leave my boss to that kind of worrying.  Wink

I'm the kind of person who values little things, and I would always feel grateful for something instead of asking for more.  With this, I value much time spent for just talking to me.  Simple conversations doesn't have to be very juicy to deserve much attention, but the joy of debating certain issues wherein you get to understand what goes on inside someone's head is enough to bring me to orgasm!  I love talking.  I'm happy that I have someone with me to always keep my mind stimulated.  I actually did not get bored at all at times that we are together.  Its fun to be just yourself and make the other person happy too for just hearing you out or joining you in whatever you love the most.

I must say, after feeling so low this morning, my evening is fully reloaded.