I am a fanatic for astrology, zodiacs, future, predictions, etc.. and all those related stuffs.  I always adored reading and studying how these things could affect one's personality.  I love it when I see the traits I know have and can relate them into my sign, etc.

"When is your birthday?"  If you'd hear me ask that question, it means I'm trying to psyche you.  Oh, great.. now everyone knows.. Tongue out I wanna understand you for what nature has instilled into you, then I'll try to understand you for how your environment molded you.  I do not totally base my judgment on just astrological basis.  But believe me, I can tell tons about your personality with you just letting me know your birthday.  And more often than not, knowing my friend's birthday makes me understand him more.  It gives me the "aaahhhh, that's why" feeling.  Then, I'll just be more open and understanding to the simple reason that I know how nature drives certain traits about this person.

I am born under the Capricorn sign.  Always stiff and rigorous when it comes to do's and don'ts.  Always up to the challenge and always a laid back person.  Hiding away from the world most of the time, but is a total give away when it comes to relationships.  This is also one of the reasons why I value loyalty, dedication and communication so much.  I just can't be all to easy and light on this subject.  The Capricorn is most suited with a Virgo.  This is mainly because the two spark so much things when they both get their minds into it.  Virgo is always stimulated by Capricorn's driving force.  He will continue what Capricorn would want to start (may it be in business or in love).  The next sign most suited to Capricorn is Scorpio.  But the traditional Scorpion is only very passionate and emotional as the loving Capricorn, but the two may not altogether hold a relationship that long because they two share different passions (especially in work).  And so on, and so forth.. there are the other remaining signs that can be paired with Capricorn, but for some particular reason, a Cancer can never be a qualified partner for me.  NEVER.

Why?  Its solely because my Dad is born under the Cancer sign.  The end.

Yeah, well.. so goes another sad story.  My Mom is born under the Capricorn sign (ergo, there are two Capricorns in this household).. and my Dad is born under the Cancer sign.  Short and sweet:  They do not click… So, I have always believed Cancer and Capricorn do not go together.

Hmmm.. my dad, he's always the guy who wanted the lime light (sometimes I believe he's more fitting to become a Leo).  He wanted to be surrounded by famous people, talked about by higher ups.. famed for being intelligent, counted on by many other people.. etc.  But most importantly, surrounded by beautiful women.  Ugh.. shivers.. just to talk about that.  My mom, being a Capricorn doesn't love that idea (I know too coz I am one).   Capricorns are sensitive people, always taking pride in their achievements and their relationship.  Too see their partner like that gives them a big bash behind the back.  It makes them feel insecure.

There was this book, my mom used to see my dad reading, its entitled: "How to Become Popular".  Eversince I knew this story, it always popped out of the conversation or whenever necessary.  It was always summing up to this feeling that he'd rather be with someone else more popular, more rich, more beautiful than be with his loving family.  Moreso, he'd rather be with many beautiful women than be with my loving mom.  Sigh…

I wish I'd be able to understand them, Cancers.  Maybe, I'll start reading a book entitled: "I'm with Mr. Popular, now what?"  Is there such a book?  Hehe…