Light for those who need it

I woke up with this throbbing pain in my throat. It seems like the drastic weather changes that I went through yesterday (in and out of an air conditioned place after walking under the scorching heat of the sun), has brought me this unwell feeling. I now am suffering from a headache that wasn't there before. :(

Though I am into this physical torture, of course, I managed to get up to go to Mass. (How could I not?) I am very much determined to finish this one most especially because this is the first Simbang Gabi that I'm going to attend to, now that I am with my new love. Its a very special Christmas for me, because I'll be sharing it with someone who means much to me.

Before the Mass even started, my sister was having a funny problem. Why funny you say? She whispered to me, in between the loud Christmas music that was playing: "Ate, ang sakit ng tiyan ko.. natatae yata ako." Hehe, she wanted to go to the comfort room, but the problem was, the CRs downstairs remain locked until the regular working hours. And even if it was open, she still would not be able to use it because, we did not bring any amount of money with us (since we just walk from our house to the church). The CRs require a minimum amount of donation costing to 2Php for each use. So, she was kinda worried. To top it all, she didn't want to miss the Mass itself, after all, its already the sixth. Few more days to motivate herself, and she's gone through it all again. But hey, this time is different. I gave her the following options:

  1. Go downstairs and see if there was any chance that the post for the CR has already come (although this was quite impossible). At any rate if he/she is already there, beg to use the CR and bargain that we'll pay double later this morning. Nice eh?

  2. Run home and use the homey and comfy CR and then rush back to the Church.

Hehehe.. it was 5 minutes to 3am that time, and she was afraid she just wouldn't make it on time. She knew very well, that it would anger me if she came late, for as what I believe, coming late to Mass is tantamount to hearing no Mass at all. So, this is why she was bothered if she'd leave or not. And so, comes option 3:

  1. Stay and sacrifice. :P (of course, this would mean, that everyone in the balcony will sacrifice too in case she can't control farting… ahaha!)

She finally decided to leave, letting me know that if she doesn't come back on time, most likely, she'll wait for the next Mass. And so, there I was alone, waiting for the Mass to begin. By the time that the entrance procession has began, I saw a familiar outfit, coming out of the crowd. She was able to make it, but this time, she was sweaty from running from the house to the church. Hahaha!!! This is called motivation! Definitely an act worth mentioning!

By the time it got to the Homily, Father Rey was describing Mary. He said that Mary was able to bring joy and happiness to Elizabeth when she visited her. Question is, are we able to do the same thing? Christmas is about sharing the joy and happiness that you have inside yourself. It is the time of year when one feels more giving and happy. If you are truly happy, then one way or another, you'll be sharing it because this magnificent feeling is more than enough for yourself.

I thought about it. I was kinda guilty that I have had not enough happiness for others to share. Though I might feel extremely ecstatic about my new found relationship, my attitude towards the difficulties that I'm facing right now are dampening my spirit, hence, its not making me share light. I'm taking this time off from my work so that I may rest my mind and body and soul too. I need to recuperate from the battering of my ever-challenging role at the office. I am so in need of rest and strength that I may regain my joy, spirit and happiness. I'd like to bring that back. It has long been gone since I felt tired and stressed from all the requirements of my job.

And with one word, Father Rey has shared to us what Joy is.

J - Jesus. Have Jesus in your life. This is where all will begin.

O - other centered. Choose to be others-centered. Sharing is a word that involves other people. Hence, reach out.

Y - Yes. Say yes to his plans.

I think, I have heard the answer to my prayers for this Simbang Gabi, but I will wait for it to complete before I settle my mind. I have heard the answer, and I am happy. I will do as I have heard it from Him.