It was fortunate enough for me to wake up not feeling so bad.  Its good that I would only have to be feverish for only a day.  I now consider myself lucky because I only have headaches and dizziness as of this time, but no more fever.  Thank God!

My sister thought I couldn't go with her to hear today's Mass.  She kept texting her boyfriend, but to no avail.  Seems like he was fast asleep anyway.  I had made sure I will not get cold outside.  I had brought a thick cozy jacket with a hood and wore it till I got to church.  Throughout the Mass, I did not take off my jacket.  I feared that the fan causing the drop of temperature in the balcony would take toll on my health soon after the Mass was over.

Today, I was out of concentration.  Aside from the fact that the celebrant was the same priest who was acting 'weird' the other day, I somehow had premonition that this Mass would not be what I expect it to be.  My sister immediately gestured to me that this celebrant was the one who gave the longest sermon ever.  True to her assertion, yes, it took about 20 minutes for his sermon alone.  Not that I intended not to listen to him, but we can't hear his sermon from the place where we sat.  He was mumbling very slowly that I can't make out what he was saying due to the echoing of the sound inside the church hall.

With this all taking place, I had a little rant going on inside my head.  And to top it all, the young couple behind our seat was chatting loudly.  Its really annoying that I could make out what they were talking about instead of hearing what Father was saying in his sermon.  If it was really something very important, then maybe they could do that chatting, but to actually hear that they are only talking about something nonsense in the midst of a Mass held at dawn, is really very irritating.  I no longer wanted to hear any of their nonsense discussion.  I moved forward, consuming only 1/8 of my seat.  I'd rather look at Father as he mumbles his sermon to himself and those seated at the first few rows of the church hall, than to listen to their nonsense chatting and giggling.  I was even at the brink of my patience.  It was really put to test!  I would have almost told them to shut up or better put, advised them to listen to Father instead of chatting.  Sigh… I hate those kinds of people.

Anyway, what I was able to make out of the sermon was about knowing or trying to find out what life is for you.  What should living life for you be?  Some people make the most out of their lives because they know what their life holds for them, while others simply do what they want to do.  I was thinking… yeah, 'what is life for me?' …hmmm… Is this the key to my prayers all along?  Well, I think so.  Pondering on his words, I know my answer.  I don't want to be alone.  My life is and has always been dedicated to my family.  That is life for me.  Loving all my loved ones, most especially my family.  I cannot have done any greater glory than to be of service to them.  It was actually what motivated me to survive all challenges of my life.

Now that Christmas is just merely 2 days away, I am yet to celebrate a new found love.  One that I hope is here to stay for good.  Another reason for me to keep on living… another reason for me to value life as not merely living it day by day, but cherishing each day as a waking day for me to give more love.