Today is the Fifth Mass. Sigh.. almost there.

The Celebrant is Father Benjie. I knew I was to expect a good sermon, and truly I did hear one.

The gospel was all about Mary. There were two things he said about Mary. First, we should always try to be like Mary. She is the light to those who are in darkness. Second, we must surrender to God in His will for us. This second one struck me more. All of a sudden, I was no longer 'just' listening. I had the feeling that his word talked to me in my heart and gave me an answer. One of my prayers was answered.

Yes, maybe so, I should just surrender to Him in His plans for me. I must not worry too much, for in the end, it will all happen as He had planned it for me. Father Benjie, shared a story (another one of the Mass stories told) about a boy who played by the train tracks. This boy, he loved playing along the track of the train which was found in the middle of a field. The farmer nearest to the train, yelled at the boy and reminded him not to stay long there, for the train might arrive soon. The boy ignored him. Later still, upon hearing the train's siren, the farmer once again called upon him to step off the track for his own safety. Not minding him a bit, the boy continued playing. Another moment still, when the train was really coming close to the boy, everyone in the field, summoned for him to get off the track immediately! But the boy, seemingly undisturbed, continued to disregard the warnings, and kept on playing. As the train drew very close, close enough to hit him, the people around him screamed. And once again, the boy did not look scared at all. The train went to a full halt. The boy spoke and said that it was nothing to be afraid of… its because the train's driver is his father. He was confident enough that the train will stop no matter what, because he was along the track and that his father will not forsake him.

Sigh.. I did let out one big sigh. Father said, we must always be like this boy. This boy who did not even move a muscle to move out of the way or even worry, because he had much faith in his own father. That his father will never forsake him.

At that instant, I just knew. I knew what to do. So, now, I only have two prayers to ask for guidance. Truly, God is magnificent!

And for this day:

Friendster Horoscope for December 20, 2006

Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19)


This is a day full of success for you — your latest plans are working perfectly!

This is a day full of successes for you — a lot of your busywork is out of the way, and quite a few of your latest plans are working perfectly! Feel free to rest on your laurels and take it easy today. You have been doing a lot of running around lately, and your brain needs some time to slow down. You can uncross your fingers now, because all those things you were hoping would fall into place have fallen exactly where you wanted them to fall.