I had to do a grocery, or die otherwise.  There was a nearby Shopwise in the area and decided to go for it.  Its just been my second time to shop here.  I needed small stuff anyway.  Some canned goods, some condiments, some chips, etc.  I'm not all too familiar with the place, so I had to do a lot of walking from one end to the other.

First, the Nestle yogurt samples got me excited hence, I bought some.  I saw some chicken parts for frying and got myself one pack.  I saw home made gravy on the side and grabbed it too.  A couple of steps and I thought of pancakes, so I got myself some of the mix, hotcake syrup and butter.  I tried to restrain myself to pick up the 'bad' stuff, but hey I still got some Picnic shoestring small cans :P

cover-image Shopwise crew dance

Later on, the crews were falling in line and there were loud music all of a sudden.  I wondered what the hell was going on.  I was almost done with my grocery when I saw them all excited and prepped up.  So here they are, trying to make shopping more exciting..

And guess what?  After I did see them dance, that's the time I picked up the chips and the mallows and the other 'bad' stuffs. Lawl.  I guess it did work.. gets the shoppers more laxed to pick up more stuff! Too bad, I can't seem to understand what they're saying though :P

(Watch them dance below..)