I've been bothered by a lot of things lately. The lack of meditation or exercise for one week has done more than much damage expected. With this instability and loss of control over emotions was clearly evident in me. After 4 days of struggle, I found the perfect sweet time to do my own meditation. Took 20 minutes of easy and smooth travel in a cab to get my act right!

Now, I'd like to share this with you so you can also detach from unwanted emotions. Here's the one I listened to:

all emotions have their place and have evolved allowing us to survive. none are innately negative. the role of emotions is to propel us towards pleasant life affirming experiences and away from unpleasant or dangerous experiences. emotions may however, become limiting and even destructive when repressed or unnecessarily held on to. remember you are much more than any emotional feeling that comes and go from moment to moment.  its good for us to be able to release our emotions. the more we are able to let go of our emotions, the more alive we will feel. the more we release our feelings the more we are connected to our true nature of joy and happiness.

..remember that you are not these feelings. step back and watch these feelings with curiosity.. let it all go and relax.. how far can you detach yourself from these emotions..