Have you had paranormal experiences before?  Are you the type of person who feels goosebumps on your skin whenever something creepy is in the air?  Have you had dreams and dejavu experiences? Do you sometimes see something moving very quickly but subtly in the corner of your eyes?  If you said yes to any of these, then you've surely had paranormal experiences already!

Psychic gifts

I have grew up in a family of psychics.  My lola, she had some anting anting experiences way back during the Japanese war.  She was but a child then, and this anting anting protected them from the war.  My mom and aunts too were strong psychics.  Some were clairvoyant (could see ghosts) and others had prophetic dreams.  An uncle and second degree aunts had mediumship abilities.  So, these things were never really "para" for me; they were quite normal.

When I was young, I had clairvoyant experiences that possibly made my ability blind because it scared me to death.  I saw several dancing devils around me.  I was only 6 years old back then.  After which, I remember no longer "seeing" beyond the physical eyes.  Years threaded on, and I became quite a reader myself.  I used simple Bicycle playing cards and 'read' people in queue for registration during my college days.  I gained few stalkers because of this, and understood that some people did 'see' or 'feel' something different about me.

My technically inclined professional life then led me to a totally different realm. I forgot about being psychic and focused on the physical plane.  After some time,  my gifts have been quite nagging again.  I frequently saw a 'sundo', and dreamt about death of a loved one.  After his death, I became very drawn to enhance my gifts, and understand more about these experiences.  I was drawn to a group of people who in turn led me to another, and another, until I have finally gained enough experience, courage and confidence in myself and my gifts.   For two years or so, I made myself relive the experiences of being psychic; the one that was lost inside me.  When I was ready, I was able to enroll in Sir Jimmy Licauco's Basic ESP & Intuition Development Seminar.

I did definitely learn a lot about myself and how to give shape to these abilities.  To control them and understand them was the key.  His teachings were not fairly new to me, but he was able to give it a different light and application to my life.  I was glad to say I was able to perform quite well in all of his exercises.  Though I failed to bend the spoon at class, I was able to do so at home.  There was clamor about the photos when I posted it online.  Some of my friends were excited for me, and there were the skeptic ones.  Only sad for me to say is that, there were some who were not happy for me and were really contradicting me; worst, some were my classmates at the seminar.

At any rate, I had the right things going the right way now.  After attending the seminar, I had quite a hard time controlling the ability.  I would walk inside the mall feeling like I was one big magnet of energies.  I could sense the people's feelings around me.  I could even tell a bit of a reading about everybody I come across with.  It sucks to feel that way.  There was too much energy I couldn't control and it made my head extremely heavy.  While I was walking, I felt dizzy and could almost swoon to the ground.  Even at the office, I could feel as to which room had the heaviest energy of all! This really made my head ache so bad.


Approximately a week before I took the ESP seminar, I found a set of crystal stones which really attracted me very much.  I made purchase of these crystals online and had asked someone to get it for me in person.  All were really expensive stones, but I made no heed because I felt that there was an unseen force driving me to get it.  It was quite nagging in my head, really.

At that time, I never really knew why it was called "Merkabah".  The pendants were made of smoky quartz (which were also some of my target stones) and were caged in silver twines to securely hold it for a necklace chain.  I was so attracted to it that I actually was anticipating it before the seminar.  Unfortunately/fortunately for me, I got it two days after the training.  I received it at the time I actually needed it! The experience was exquisite.  After programming the crystal to work for me, I was astounded as to how it greatly blended with my energy and later became one with it.  It had a very protective energy.

Merkabah/Merkavah mysticism (or Chariot mysticism) is a school of early Jewish mysticism, c. 100 BCE – 1000 CE, centered on visions such as those found in the Book of Ezekiel chapter 1, or in the hekhalot ("palaces") literature, concerning stories of ascents to the heavenly palaces and the Throne of God. The main corpus of the Merkabah literature was composed in Israel in the period 200–700 CE, although later references to the Chariot tradition can also be found in the literature of the Chassidei Ashkenaz in the Middle Ages.[1] A major text in this tradition is the Maaseh Merkabah (Works of the Chariot).[2]

-- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merkabah

In modern esoteric teachings, it is taught that the MerKaBa is an interdimensional vehicle consisting of two equally sized, interlocked tetrahedra of light with a common center, where one tetrahedron points up and the other down. This point symmetric form is called a stella octangula or stellated octahedron which can also be obtained by extending the faces of a regular octahedron until they intersect again.

In his books, researcher and physicist Drunvalo Melchizedek describes this figure as a "Star Tetrahedron", since it can be viewed as a three dimensional Star of David. By imagining two superimposed "Star Tetrahedrons" as counterrotating, along with specific "prana" breathing techniques, certain eye movements and mudras, it is taught that one can activate a non-visible 'saucer' shaped energy field around the human body that is anchored at the base of the spine.

-- http://www.crystalinks.com/merkaba.html

I didn't understand the power of the Merkabah shaped crystal until I have read these things and understood.  All that I could ever share, is the experience of being protected at all times, and with which, my energy field gets sustained and take cared of.  I felt really better, my auric field in better shape and no energy drains so far.  I would sometimes feel some bad energy coming my way, but it would quickly diminish because of how the Merkabah helps me regenerate lost energy.

Thanks to my guides who have nagged me to get one for myself.  It was really worth it and very timely even, especially because I am now a little bit more sensitive to energies.  To the others who might have the same problem about maintaining auric fields and avoiding negative energies, I highly recommend buying a stone of Merkabah shape. :)