I just moved into a new office.  I love it there.  I’m happy with the new people I met, loving my office environment, and the job itself.  With the change in the setting and job description, I really felt the big changes that have been happening.  I usually expect to have headaches for every stress, and of course, moving to a new job could also be stressful although exciting.

I have just completed one week at my new work place.  At first, what seemed to be stressful for me was the fact that it was farther by travel time than where I used to work.  It takes about an hour for me to get to the office.  Although the job itself does not require me to stay at the office to work, I still strive my best to come to the office and render regular office hours.. after all, I’m still new.  I have to get to know everybody at the office, and make myself more visible to the majority of the employees.  Not that I won’t take the "work from home" choice from time to time, but for now, I’ll make myself 100% visible.  :) I love the room I’m staying in.  Its not that I got the best seat (for me its more of a sometimes good, sometimes bad kind of thing).  I sit in a room where the door is usually closed (I like it that way.. less disturbance while coding).  My seat is the one closest to the wall (yey!), and the room is cold (good when its hot, bad when I can’t think because of very low temperature at times). 

I also love my chair.  Of all the chairs I had used with my past working experiences, this one is the best.  Although my arm level is still adjusting a bit with the height of the table and the chair, the office ergonomics itself is helping me out with my work.  I don’t feel so much of back pains like I used to experience before with other office appliances.  This chair really fits my back, and its sturdy but not too hard that it still feels comfortable to sit it for a long period of time.  It can also recline according to weight and doesn’t shift back very abruptly when you release the pressure.  The lighting is good for me too.  I don’t really like so much of the light when I’m coding.  The light from the monitor is pretty much enough for me most of the time.

Well, seems like everything is good, but there is one thing though that I’m still not able to resolve.  Thing is, my seat is near the window.  Although the surrounding is cooperating with my low tolerance for light, I’m still a bit uneasy with the fact that the light from the main room is directly proportional to my eye level, and that hiding behind the monitor seems to be of no avail.  Sigh.. it seems like I gotta find a way to hide from that light.  A poster maybe?!  Hehe..

Lovin’ it there.  I hope this is for long term.  Really loving the coding job.