I woke up tired.  Having a bad day.  The travel gets me drained most of the time.  Plus the new adjustment at the office is also taking away my cheerfulness.  Well, I know its a fleeting thing, but I can’t help but be annoyed, and down.

For this whole week, I had to take the cab going to the office.  I had no choice, or rather, I was too lazy.  I needed my mornings to be safe and easy.. it was an adjustment period.  Each morning, I had to go through one heavy traffic going to the office.  I usually end up paying 200 bucks so early in the morning! ..especially this day.
The cab broke down in the middle of a steep downhill road going to Ortigas Extension.  A couple of minutes later, it started to rain.  We had to open the windows since the car was not a 100% up and working yet.  The driver exhausted his effort to rescue the cab and send me to my destination as fast as he could.  Well, its not that he was a bad cab driver at all, its just that his cab was lame and he was not.  He actually managed to strike a sensible conversation with me towards the end of the drive.  Well, I got at the office at just about the same time I usually arrive (not that I was worried about the time though). 

When I got to the office, it felt like I already used up 70% of my energy.  I felt even more sleepy.  The whole day was dragging, considering that my tasks aren’t that exciting yet, and I had to learn a lot from the codes by going through them one by one.  (Yeah, I know it was boring)  I had my lunch at around 1pm or so.  I went out.  Waited for the elevator to take me down (we were at the 21st floor).  When I got out, it was raining.  Though the rainpour was not very hard, it can still get you wet, nonetheless.  Good thing I had my coat on with me.  I prepared to use the coat as shelter planning to breeze through the road as quick as I can.

As I got to the foot of the stair, an umbrella popped open at the top of my head, and I heard a voice say: "Payong?"  At first, I wondered who might that be.  Could it be a friend whom I did not know was working near the area and saw me?  Could it be an officemate who caught me by chance, ready to run through the rain in a brisque walk?  Could it be my honey who was near the area (of course not, he was in the office)??  I looked up.  If it would’ve been somebody around my age, I would’ve refused.. not because of pride, but because of modesty, and loyalty.

It was an old man.  He could’ve been around the age of 50s or 60s.  He looked a lot like one of my favorite professors in UP.  He held up the umbrella for me just in time, and I did not refuse.  He smiled at me like he knew I was going to run through the rain and would need his help.  He asked me where I was going.  I said I was out for lunch and was going to McDonalds.  He asked if I was working in the building where I came from, and I said yes.  He was going to Robinsons Galleria.  It was quite a walk for him, and suggested he take the jeep.  I was only concerned that he’d get tired from the walk (assuming he likes to save his energy because he’s quite old already).  He said to me: "No, its just quite near.  I want to walk.. after all, its only drizzling.  The rainpour is not that hard.", then he smiled at me.  Teasingly he said, "Your having your lunch quite far from your building."  Seemingly, all he wanted was a smile.

And I smiled back.  This was how I met God in Ortigas.  :)