Eyes are the window of the soul.  True?  I guess so, but its no longer a 100% true nowadays.

I love the way Filipinos were born with brown/black eyes, dark black hair, fair complexion and fair height.  In fact, I love dark skin.  My favorite color is the earth color, and I love black (my pet cat is black). ;)

But, there have been numerous times that I have met Pinoys/Pinays (usually Pinays) who have different eye colors.  Sometimes, their eye colors don’t match their skin or hair.  Well, little did I know that these fakers use contact lenses to fake the colors of their eyes.  I don’t really understand why.

I don’t fancy wearing one just for the beauty of it, although I have continuosly sought ways for me to just wear contacts instead of these glasses.  I don’t really like wearing glasses, because I don’t feel so easy about the fact that I’m covering my eye with a glass that can also be a cause of an eye accident.  I like wearing shades better (I usually prefer the plastic ones because its less hazardous) because it provides anti glare, and soothes my low tolerance for light.  But wearing eyeglasses is different for me.  I feel like I’m getting ten years older each time I wear it! :D

Yesterday, my sister accompanied her friend go to an eye botique.  She elaborately related to me the events that happened while her friend was trying on some colored contact lenses that night.  I was thinking.. why waste all the money for just physical satisfaction.  Not all people would stare at you in the eye, and make mention that your eyes look beautiful because of these lenses.  Her friend had very red eyes that night from trying on different contact lenses.  It makes me shudder at the thought of seeing red eyes.  Of course, this meant that it was very irritated.  Why on earth would I want to endanger my eyes for the sake of beauty??  As of the moment, I’m struggling with poor eyesight, and here are youngsters loving all the exploit they could possibly do for the sake of fashion!

Ah, well, little do they know that these course of action would very much hurt their eyes, and make it harder for them in the future to nurture a healthy eyesight.  I’m scared of the fact that abuse of healthy eyesight could lead to surgeries.  Its a scary fact that the eyesight is what keeps every human being on balance.  If you lose a good eyesight, a very minimal effect could be loss of balance that may thereby cause accidents, etc.

Just early this year, my mom’s friend who happens to be driving a school bus service needs to go on an eye operation.  He was very scrupulous with the details.  He worried too much about who will be the surgeon, what would be the best time for this to be done?, how long would the operation be?, etc.  Of course, the health workers suggested that he take a laser eye surgery.  He was to undergo a lasik eye surgery.  That was his best option for his eye problem.  Although the modern day laser surgeries prove to be safe, of course, its understandable to be scared of its consequences.

In truth, there really is no guide for nurturing a good eyesight.  Sometimes, it makes me a bit worried about my own.  I wonder if this eyeglass wearing, and sleeping early (if I sleep early), and eating carrots would really do me good.  Eh, well, unless I don’t poke my eye, or mess around with stuffs like contact lenses that I don’t really need.. I’ll take it slow with just working on the PC the whole day. ;) hahaha..