"Hi baby!"  She's always the first one to receive my greeting everytime I arrive home.  I always want to make her feel that she's special and very important for me.  None of us leaves the house without saying goodbye to her, and never forgets to bring her pasalubong once in awhile.  The youngest member of the family is very spoiled!

She keeps my spirits up when I'm working late at night.  I love to play with her when I'm not busy, and I love to hug her all the time.  But earlier, she didn't greet me with a sweet look and a warm hug.  It seemed all she wanted to do was sleep.  "Maysakit yata siya eh", says my younger sis.  Of course, my mom had pointed that out to be the day before.  It looked like she was too passive lately.  It made me worry.  I had to inspect her immediately for signs.  Sigh.. it was false alarm.

My baby is a female feline.  My honey, on the other hand takes into shelter two bouncy dogs at their place.  Though I adore cats, I also love his pets.  His pet dog is named "Aso" (coincidence??  naahh.. product of a crazy, creative mind.. :P )  I am simply an animal lover.  I actually almost volunteered to be a pet caretaker at Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) some time 3years ago.  Its funny you don't hear too much about pet care here in the Philippines unlike what people do abroad.  They care too much for their pets!

Pet care is very important.  Just as much as I treat my feline friend as my "baby", I wanna take good care of her in all aspects, especially her health.  I read a lot about pet care and put some of them in practice.  I had a subscription of all health articles from CatAge.  Similarly, I found a great site for dogs.  And there is one too that offers dog boarding and general pet care.  It offers a lot of tips from grooming to training.

If you have a pet, do take good care of them.  They are not only man's bestfriend, but can also be your closest family member, and they do not have anyone to rely to but you.  :) Sometimes, when my baby looks at me with widely open goo goo eyes, it makes me smile.  It seems to me, she wants to smile and hug me too. :)