I have a mentor.  She passed away already.. but she's already passed on her torch of passion and love for her fellowmen and education in particular.

She's old, but her age can never catch up to her passion for her work.  I remember a question I asked her once.  It was after a sumptuous dinner at Apo View Hotel and we were to go night swimming.  She had not changed clothes the whole day.  She sat by the beach bench at the side.  "Ma'm, buti po hindi kayo nahihirapan mag empake ng mga susuotin nyo tuwing may training or out of town kayo?"  She replied, almost without loss of pride, "I am not fuzzy with what I wear.  I let yaya prepare my baggage of clothes.  She already knows the routine."

Of course, it wasn't unusual that somebody else would do the packing of her clothes for her.  She's rich, she's with age, and she's a workaholic (just like me).  She needed somebody else to worry for her.  But the funny thing is, she never worries about her clothes.  She doesn't wear celebrity clothing kinda outfits, but she still shines in all of her speeches and trainings.

I am not guilty of indulging too much on celebrity clothings, but I prefer to have a favorite brand for each apparel.  For blouses and skirts and overalls, I am fond of Artwork.  I even have a loyalty card with them.  For footwear, I love Mario d'Boro the best!  I don't usually go for brands that are endorsed by popular artists; I stick with where my preference is.  Well, maybe, if I become a celebrity, then that's the only time I can shop like one! :P (That's also the reason why I've stayed away from credit cards!!!)