Which species of mankind is more vain or envious?  Men or women?

You've often heard about curses, libel, murder and even voodoo crimes.  Most of them are funny because they are caused only by vanity or even envy.  Why does man want to keep on changing the way he is?

The media is guilty of provoking more women to be more vain.  Movies show men as loving and wanting only beautiful and sexy women who look like they are pretty dolls or goddesses of physical beauty.  Its the media too that advocates discrimination of physical appearance.  The prints too have made men and women depressed and too concerned about physical improvements.

Why do men love to buy FHM?  or women love to buy men mags?  Don't they even know that almost everything there has already been edited?  I, personally do not love to indulge in magazines.  These are simply eye candies and can do nothing for my pleasure.  I know, in the end it can only make me feel less appreciative of my own beauty.

This is exactly why beauty shops clicked and famed.  From nose surgery (rhinoplasty), face lift, the more common bust life and liposuction, men and women alike spend much just to become beautiful.  Some days ago, I was watching Hanayori Dango with my sister and my mom (not really knowing the whole story).  There was this girl, she managed to take revenge through so many years after having a surgery, just because she was belittled as "ugly" when they were young.  I understand that looks can boost your morale or slack you down with depression, but surgery for vanity or envy is still on top of my hate list.