<p>Saturday to Sunday night was the busiest for me.</p>

At around 3 in the afternoon of Saturday, I was wondering why I was getting dressed for this event. My honey has invited me to join him and the rest of his family to Enchanted Kingdom. Truth is, I hate rides. Hehehe… I have never been there simply because the thought has never excited me the least. I admit there has been many plans of bringing me there by my friends and past lovers, but they have nonetheless failed to drag me all the way from Manila to Laguna for an EK adventure. Hehehe… Now, I wonder why I'm here in this ride with his cousins and they say we're going to EK. Hmmmm… Am I drugged?? Di naman…

We got there by dinnertime, and we had our meal before going inside. It was a funny feeling, I remember standing in the middle part of the entrance, the one with the fountain and all that went in my head was Sentosa in Singapore. Hehehe.. I was able to go to Singapore's EK (so to say), yet I have never been in my own country's EK. Bwahahahaha… yet, its never too late. And now, I am standing here (I said to myself).

The group went about rushing to the Flying Fiesta ride. Dunno if I really wanted to try it myself. Maybe by chance next time. After all, I hate rides. Not that I'm scared of heights, but I just am not too trusting with man's work of art, especially for entertainments like these. As my thoughts went on, I must've thought, 'hey, there are other means of entertainment than taking these daredevil rides. If ever I wanted to scare the shit out of myself, I could do something else.. and it can keep me worried for days! hehehe… but definitely these do not count!'

Well, of course there are alternatives. There was the 4D cinema, Rio Grande, Roller Skater (which was a kiddie version of Space Shuttle) and others. I'm sure my partner sure thought he was lucky he's with someone who doesn't like to ride too much because he's not too comfortable with heights and such. ;)

I loved the Rio Grande the best. Hehe.. I think we took the ride for around 8-10 times! Surely, of course, I was all wet. I needed to buy myself a pair of shorts because, definitely, I can't go home all wet like that! Hahaha… We left at around 12 midnight, and I got home by 1:40am. By then I have not had much sleep yet from yesterday, and I had to go to my last Simbang Gabi. No way am I going to miss the last one! Most definitely not!!! :P