I planned to wake up early… hehe, but that was just the plan. :P

I forgot to tell Tin how to get to our house, so she sent me an SMS at around 6:30am asking for directions, after that, next thing I knew, they were knocking at the gate, and I was still sleeping!

It was their first time to get to my place. Note that I haven't had a bath since Saturday night. Hehe.. must've been a shame not to bath on your golden birthday!!! Bwahahahah…

We had breakfast together, the three of us, Tin and her husband with me. We had a nice chat over ham and bread plus some salad too. After that, of course, I cooked my specialty again. She wanted so much to taste what's my dish like. I also prepared a desert for them. It was the all-time favorite desert of my two sisters. (Maybe I'll post the recipes online soon). Also, throughout the morning, lots of people greeted me on my birthday. Though I'm not used to celebrating my birthday, having people greet me yesterday brought a happy sensation. There was around 15-20 unique people who remembered my birthday! This is a surprise, really.

Later that early afternoon, we watched the "Secret Window" which features Johnny Depp. Feeling sleepy after the movie, we went into my room and slept. At around 5pm, I prepared for another event. My honey was taking me to his Lolo's 93rd birthday which also happens to be some sort of family reunion. Anyways, I was excited to be there, as well as to wear my new blouse.. :P

It was my first time to visit that place. Cool though, I've never seen a family so big. Mine is just small (or so just because people don't meet). I envy a family like theirs because they share with each other and try to love one another (in one way or another). As for me, much as I wanted to bond with my kins, I just don't know where to find them.. or fear that there is some hidden event or whatever emotion that I am not to find out by myself. Sigh… I might never know.. I'm meeting a family member whilst I walk the streets of Cubao, or Ortigas or Makati or even in the malls… bump into someone and never have a clue to that being's true identity.

I am made to recall, I found out that I have worked with an aunt of mine, without knowing our relationship with each other. I found out too late that she was my aunt… (too late because I left the company already).

Anyway… even so I have only been a special guest in their event, I really enjoyed it there. Too bad we had to go home and rest for tomorrow is another working day.

In the end, my birthday wasn't just another event. Christmas was fun, my birthday was even happier. :D